How Do I Choose the Best Murphy Bed Mattress?

Jeremy Laukkonen

Selecting the best murphy bed mattress can depend on factors such as the dimensions of your murphy bed, your budget, and any specific needs or concerns you have. Since murphy beds fold up into walls, closet spaces, and cabinets, there is sometimes a limit to the thickness of the mattresses they can use. That makes it important to select a murphy bed mattress that is thin enough to fit in your specific unit. Aside from compatibility, you should also make sure to select a mattress that is firm enough for your needs, but which will also be comfortable to sleep on. Adjustable air mattresses and foam mattresses will sometimes fit into murphy beds, and they can be good options if they are not priced outside your budget.

Comfort and cost are two key considerations when purchasing a mattress for a murphy bed.
Comfort and cost are two key considerations when purchasing a mattress for a murphy bed.

Murphy beds are a type of space saving furniture that can allow a room to be used for multiple purposes. The first murphy beds were designed to slide into existing closet spaces, and could be folded up during the day so that the bedroom could be used for something else. Some modern space saving beds are built directly into walls, and there are also many different types of cabinet beds that serve the same purpose. Since there are so many types of murphy beds, it is important to locate a mattress that will fit into your specific unit.

There are three different size constraints to consider when selecting a murphy bed, which are length, width, and height. Other types of bed frames typically only require a particular length and width, so those are the measurements that are used to define the different mattress sizes. Since a murphy bed mattress needs to fit into the allotted space within a wall, closet, or cabinet, it is important to select one that is not too thick. Some murphy beds can make use of both a box spring and a mattress, while others only have room for a mattress.

After you have determined the necessary dimensions, you can begin to consider different types of mattresses. Most murphy bed mattresses use a traditional inner spring design, and some also include a pillow top that can add an extra degree of softness and comfort. If you have been happy with inner spring mattresses in the past, then that may be a good option for you.

It is typically also possible to use a foam or air murphy bed mattress, since these options are often available in varying heights. Foam mattresses in particular are usually priced according to how thick they are, ranging from thin mattress-toppers to units that are as thick as a traditional mattress and box spring combined. If you have been unhappy with inner spring designs, then you may want to consider one of these other options for your murphy bed mattress.

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