How Do I Choose the Best Mouthwash for Bad Breath?

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When trying to choose a mouthwash for bad breath, many dental experts will often recommend mouthwashes that contain antiseptics, such as alcohol. Alcoholic mouthwash can be irritating or even dangerous, so some people may want to look into alcohol-free mouthwash. You should also look at other mouthwash ingredients, such as fluoride and flavoring. If you are interested in saving money, keep in mind that generic brands are generally less expensive and just as effective as name brands. Natural mouthwash for halitosis is another alternative that you may want to consider.

Halitosis, or bad breath, is a common and embarrassing problem that many people have to deal with every day. A buildup of bacteria and other micro-organisms in the mouth is a common cause of bad breath. Proper oral hygiene is usually the best way to prevent bad breath. This usually includes using mouthwash for bad breath, as well as brushing and flossing at least twice a day.

Killing the bacteria in your mouth is one way to get rid of bad breath. The best type of mouthwash for bad breath is typically antibacterial mouthwash. This may also be labeled as antiseptic mouthwash or antimicrobial mouthwash. Some common ingredients in mouthwash that kill germs include cetylpyridinium chloride and domiphen bromide. Alcohol can also effectively kill these germs.

Although alcoholic mouthwash can kill germs effectively, it may not be the best mouthwash for some people. Children can accidentally ingest this type of mouthwash, for instance, making it very dangerous for households with small children. Alcohol in mouthwash can also be very irritating to the soft tissues in the mouth, and it can cause dry mouth in some people. Many people find alcohol-free mouthwash to be a safe and effective alternative to alcoholic mouthwash.

Along with antiseptics, mouthwash for bad breath will also usually contain added flavors. These are added to improve the taste of the mouthwash. They can also mask the odor of bad breath for a short time. You should choose a mouthwash flavor that you enjoy.

If you are prone to cavities or tooth decay, you may also want to consider a fluoride mouthwash. This type of mouthwash contains a compound known as fluoride. Daily use of fluoride products has been known to strengthen tooth enamel, which can result in fewer cavities.

When choosing a mouthwash for bad breath, keep in mind that name brand mouthwash will usually be a little more expensive. You will usually be able to find a comparable, yet less expensive, generic store brand mouthwash by comparing the ingredients in the two. Natural homemade mouthwash is another option. Not only is it inexpensive and easy to make, but it also does not have any harsh chemicals in it. Common ingredients in natural mouthwash for bad breath may include baking soda, lemon, cinnamon, and fennel.

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I've heard the problem with using any sort of mouthwash for bad breath control is that most people don't leave it in their mouths long enough. Swirling a cap-full of mouthwash around your mouth for a few seconds is only going to treat the surface cause of the bad breath. The trick is to keep it in your mouth for at least a minute, so the antibacterial ingredients have time to work.

Post 1

When I was younger, the thought of using an antiseptic mouthwash like Listerine was downright scary. I remember how much that stuff burned, and the horrible aftertaste. I usually used a mouthwash and gargle that tasted more like mint toothpaste. Now that I'm older, I always use a strong antiseptic mouthwash and just live through the burn. The newer brands have improved their flavors, so I feel like my bad breath has been eliminated from the ground up.

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