How do I Choose the Best Motorcycle Battery Charger?

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When choosing a motorcycle battery charger, it is always a good idea to invest in a charger with a battery maintenance component. The typical causes for motorcycle battery failure come from extended periods of time when the motorcycle is not in use and the battery remains uncharged. In order to properly charge and maintain a motorcycle battery, the battery should be connected to a trickle-type motorcycle battery charger when not in use. When making the decision to purchase a battery charger, there are certain functions and qualities to shop for, including trickle capabilities, a quick-connect attachment and an automatic turn-on feature.

Most higher-end motorcycle battery charger devices include a quick-connection attachment that can be permanently affixed to the cycle's battery. This connector is typically conveniently hidden from view under the motorcycle's seat when not in use. By affixing the attachment to the battery, the charger can be easily connected to the battery without removing the seat or any side panels that commonly cover a motorcycle battery. Once the charger has been connected to the quick-connect plug, it can be easily charged and maintained until the cycle is ridden again.


Another key component of a quality motorcycle battery charger is an automatic shut-off feature. This function prevents over-charging of the battery, which could cause the battery to go dry and get ruined. With the automatic shut-off charger, the battery charger discontinues the charging mode once it detects a proper level of charge has been accomplished. Once complete, the charger goes into a maintenance mode and offers intermittent charging in order to properly keep the battery at a ready state of charge. When choosing the best charging system for a motorcycle, this feature should be a requirement because of the long periods of time when motorcycles are not able to be used in many areas of the world.

An automatic start function is also available on better charging systems, covering an area of concern with many long-term trickle-type chargers, which is their performance after a power outage. Many chargers simply turn off once a power failure has occurred. This can allow the battery to go dead and become ruined in most cases. With the automatic turn-on motorcycle battery charger, a power outrage is followed by the charger sensing the need of the battery to be charged. The charger then automatically switches on to trickle-charge mode.


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