How Do I Choose the Best Mother's Day Desserts?

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Choosing the best Mother's Day desserts is all about finding delicious sweets that please mom. The most important step is considering her dietary restrictions. If possible, opt for making or buying mom's favorite dessert that she hasn't had in awhile. For those with an extremely busy schedule, choose a recipe that doesn't take a substantial amount of time to prepare. Those on a tight budget should opt for recipes that don't require the purchase of a lot of ingredients.

Mom's dietary restrictions are the most important aspect of choosing Mother's Day desserts. For example, the dessert must include no dairy if she's vegan; if she's allergic to nuts, the dessert must not only contain no nuts, but also must have been prepared in a kitchen where there was no chance of contamination with any nut products. Attach a small note card or sticker to the dessert's packaging so she knows exactly what's in it.


Some of the best Mother's Day desserts to make for mom are her favorites that she hasn't had in awhile. If ordering certain favorites from a specific bakery, order them at least a month or two ahead of time to ensure the bakery will have time to make and deliver them by a set date. For a homemade dessert, an easy one for kids to make is dessert pizza that has a base of sugar cookie dough and allows for any type of sweet toppings. Other homemade dessert options for adults to make include dessert crepes, a berry tart, a French chocolate pie or banana pudding.

There are quite a few Mother's Day desserts that are decadent without taking all day to make. A tiramisu cheesecake takes only about 30 minutes of prep time, one hour of bake time and about four hours in the refrigerator. Making truffles takes about an hour to prepare and an hour of refrigeration. For the mom who loves chocolate, even a rich chocolate mousse complete with chocolate shavings will require less than a half an hour of prep time and about two hours in the refrigerator.

The key to saving money on Mother's Day desserts is to opt for recipes that don't require purchasing a substantial number of ingredients. For example, the only ingredients that may require purchase for a chocolate cherry cheesecake are a chocolate pie crust, cream cheese, and cherry pie filling – the rest is likely already sitting on the pantry shelves. To make s'mores brownies for the mom who has a fondness for camping, unsweetened chocolate, graham cracker crumbs and large marshmallows are the only ingredients that likely need to be purchased.


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