How Do I Choose the Best Moisturizing Face Cream?

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When choosing a moisturizing face cream, you should take into consideration your skin type and condition as well as whether you have any sensitivities or allergies to ingredients commonly used in skin care products. Other considerations include whether the moisturizing face cream you choose contains a sunscreen or is tinted so as to do double duty as a light foundation. In general, it is best to always try out any skin care product before investing in a full-size purchase. Another thing to consider is product cost, as there can be a significant difference in the price between moisturizers, even those sold by the same company.

Many people use moisturizing face cream in order to improve the appearance of their skin as well as the way their skin feels. Individuals with very dry skin often prefer a more emollient moisturizer, while those with normal or oily skin may prefer a light-textured cream or lotion. It is always a good idea to read the ingredients on any product before you buy it. If you know that you are sensitive to some ingredients, you may wish to choose a more basic moisturizing face cream.


If you are not concerned about ingredients that can sensitize your skin, you may wish to look for a moisturizing face cream that also provides some type of treatment for your skin, such as those moisturizers that include antioxidants. It is usually advisable to wear a sunscreen if you plan to go out in the sun, so you may wish to find a moisturizing face cream that contains sunscreen so that you do not have to buy and wear a separate product. Keep in mind that some chemical sunscreens can trigger sensitivities in people, though mineral sunscreens such as zinc oxide are usually well tolerated.

Many cosmetic and skin care retailers will be happy to give you a small sample of their products so that you can try it out to see if it works for you. Other companies sell very small or trial sizes of their products. If you are considering buying a moisturizing face cream that is somewhat expensive, getting a sample first may help you avoid investing in a product that you will later be unable to use. This is particularly true if the moisturizer you select contains any tint or color, as you will want to make sure that it looks natural on your skin.


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Post 12

The best moisturizing face cream for those prone to breakouts is definitely one that is oil free. It took me a long time to find something that would keep my combination skin happy, as battling oily and dry patches was a real pain.

I actually ended up browsing online reviews to hear what people with the same problem as mine were saying. Luckily I got some great recommendations and my skin has improved a lot.

Also, if you are using any medications on your skin for acne make sure you do a test patch with your new moisturizing face cream before applying it all over. Sometimes the two can interact with one another.

Post 11

@Cupcake15 - I agree and I have to say that you can also use an exfoliating scrub once a week in order to make the moisturizing cream for your face more effective.

When you remove the dead layers of your skin, like you do when you exfoliate, your moisturizer penetrates better and you will have smoother skin and better results.

You could also use a night time cream that also exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time. Using this nightly will also give you great looking skin. It is preferred that you use a Q-tip to take a bit of the cream out when you get ready to apply it on your face because if you dip your

fingers in the jar, you will contaminate it and it will not be as effective.

I used to work for a cosmetic company and this is what I told all of my customers. You don’t have to buy expensive moisturizers that are sold at cosmetic counters in department stores. Most moisturizers sold in drug stores are just as effective for a third of the price. They all contain the same ingredients it is just the packaging and promotions that are different.

Post 10

I think that the best moisturizer for the face is one that offers hydration without clogging your pores. If you have combination skin or even oily skin you could use a hydration lotion that is not oil based.

This will allow your skin to feel moisturized without clogging your pores. A great tip that I have for those that workout regularly is to place this hydrating lotion in the refrigerator and after you take a shower you can apply this cool lotion on to your face and it is so refreshing.

I think that moisturizers work best in conjunction with a complete skin care regimen. It is important to wash your face with a cleanser and exfoliate daily with a toner and then apply your moisturizer. This way you will get the maximum possible skin care benefits.

Post 9

Even if you have good skin using a moisturizing face cream when it is cold or windy can really help save your skin from chapping.

I used to never wear moisturizing face cream but I found my skin was getting unusually sore when the weather was harsh. My mom suggested I try some moisturizing face cream to help with my problem and it did a great job.

Nowadays I always use a cream for my face and make sure it has a good SPF in it. Sun damage to your skin can be just as bad as chapping and is a lot more difficult to spot over time.

Post 8

@FreddieH - I have really dry skin that makes shaving uncomfortable, too. I actually tried the mayonnaise method your friend uses, but it made my skin feel too oily and I didn't keep doing it.

I've had really good results using Nivea face cream after I shave. I think what I buy is called a 'post-shave balm'. I've been using it for a couple of years now and it really does the trick.

Post 7

I have very dry skin and, as a result, don't like to shave often. Even when I put lotion on right after, my face feels chaffed.

My buddy told me that he shaves with mayonnaise, but I'm not so sure I want to do that. He says if he doesn't he breaks out after every shave.

I have tried a few different products with little success and was wondering if anyone has found a good men's face cream.


Post 6

@alex1986 - I have heard really good things about using vitamin E oil to get rid of pimples. My roommate always breaks open a vitamin E oil capsule whenever she breaks out and it seems work for her.

I imagine that it would be good to have in a facial cream as well.

Post 5

I was told by a lady at my local drug store that using a moisturizing face mask with vitamin E in it is supposed to be the best. She swore by it and said that she was sure that she would have crow's feet by her eyes without it.

I'm not sure if she was just pushing a product or if vitamin E really is the best moisturizing cream for your face.

Does anyone have any firsthand information on this?

Post 4

I have been blessed with smooth skin that does not tend to break out, so I can use any type of moisturizer without worrying about if it is too oily or too light. I do like the kinds that include sunscreen, but only if I can’t smell it.

Since I don’t have bumps to cover up, I don’t wear much makeup. That is why I use a lightly tinted moisturizer. It provides just the right amount of color without caking up or hiding the texture of my face.

The sunscreen helps prevent age spots and wrinkles. I love how easy it is just to spread on a foundation, sunscreen, and moisturizer all in one swipe!

Post 3

My husband has found the perfect moisturizer for his face. He is prone to breakouts after shaving, so he waits until he’s through to apply Nivea for Men Sensitive After Shave Balm. It is so soothing to his skin, and it prevents those red bumps that tend to arise quickly due to irritation.

An added bonus is the scent. To me, all Nivea products have a masculine aroma. They work great when worn as cologne. The scent is noticeable but light.

The after shave gives his skin such a milky appearance and smooth texture. He does not need any additional moisturizers.

Post 2

I have somewhat oily skin, so I have to be careful about using moisturizers. I only use them in wintertime, and even then, I only apply them every few days. I wait until I see symptoms of dryness before I use it.

The best moisturizer for my face is Oil of Olay Beauty Fluid. The formula is non-greasy and light. If my skin starts to flake or dry out at all from harsh winter wind and indoor heating, I apply a small amount of this to my entire face, and my skin feels much better. The tightness goes away and my skin looks more supple.

Post 1

As I have aged into my thirties, my skin has become significantly drier with fine lines here and there. Though I tend to use a moisturizing face cream every day in the winter, I use it every few days in the summertime to combat the drying effects of the sun without over-moisturizing.

I found a great moisturizer for aging skin with a mousse texture for easy application. Though it is a cream, it has a light, fluffy consistency. A little bit goes a long way, so even though it is moderately priced, you can make it last. It is called Hope in a Jar.

I put it on in the morning under my makeup and at night under my eyes, on my forehead, and along the fine lines around my mouth. When I get up in the morning, I look refreshed and dewy.

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