How Do I Choose the Best Moisturizing Concealer?

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Choosing the best moisturizing concealer comes down to choosing the right color, determining your skin type, brand and how to apply it to your face. Moisturizing concealer is one of those makeup products that serves a dual purpose. First of all, it moisturizes the skin on your face so that it is moist and not dry. Second, it helps to conceal blemishes, skin discoloration and more.

With so many types of moisturizing concealers to choose from, one of the first items you want to consider is the color of the concealer. You want to choose a color concealer that best matches the color of your skin. If you are using the moisturizing concealer to cover something specific, such as a scar or bruise, then you want to pay special attention to not only the color of your skin, but also a color that is dark enough to cover the imperfection you are trying to hide or conceal.


Second, you want to consider the type of skin you have. Since moisturizing concealer has a lotion or cream in it, you want to choose the formula that is right for your skin type. Some people have extra dry skin, while other people have semi-dry skin. Still yet, other people have oily skin. This means that not only do you want to match the color of the concealer to best match your skin color, but you also want to choose the moisturizing cream that matches the type of skin you have on your face.

Moisturizing concealers also come with different forms of application. Some come in bottles where you have to use your fingers, cotton balls or brushes to apply it to your face. The type of application device can affect how the concealer goes on to your face, and how it ultimately looks.

The form of the concealer with the moisturizer in it can also affect the way you apply it and the way it looks. For example, some concealers come in a liquid form while others come in a powder form. Some of these options have to do with the brand. The brand of the makeup also goes hand in hand with the price — name brand moisturizing concealers tend to be more expensive than generic concealers. A higher price does not always guarantee a better moisturizing concealer either, so sometimes it is a matter of testing a couple of concealers out to see which ones work better with your skin.


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