How Do I Choose the Best Modern Bed Frame?

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To choose the best modern bed frame for your home, consider your bedroom and what would flatter it the most. For example, if you have low ceilings, choosing a modern frame with a tall headboard isn't likely to be a good idea as it will only accentuate that architecture. Instead choose a bed frame that will flatter both the architecture of your home and the modern style of your bedroom. Also consider the cost, level of maintenance and ease of assembly when choosing a modern bed frame.

It can be easy to overlook the practical aspects, such as the difficulty of putting the frame together, when choosing a modern bed frame. Make sure the frame either comes with all of the hardware and tools you'll need, or purchase the required items before you're ready to construct the furniture. The type of maintenance the bed frame requires should also be a consideration, and this will depend mainly on the materials. Modern bed frames may be found in a range of metals and woods, but the headboards may be of other materials.


Most maintenance is required with upholstered headboards. These need vacuuming regularly and may also need to be cleaned with an upholstery shampooing tool. The advantages of an upholstered headboard on a modern bed frame can be the soft look and feel it provides. A disadvantage is that these headboards are often in neutral colors and may have a drab appearance or not stand out against a wall in a similar color. Yet, if you paint the wall behind the bed a modern accent color, a neutral head board can stand out nicely to help create a focal point in your bedroom.

A modern leather headboard can often just be wiped clean and can be much simpler to maintain than an upholstered version. If your walls are neutral, a dark color such as black or brown can still stand out against lighter walls, while white or tan leather can contrast against darker walls. If your budget doesn't allow for leather, or you'd prefer wood or metal, these materials can be very low maintenance. Avoid traditional slatted designs, as these can look too traditional in modern bedrooms. Instead, opt for either sleek, plain modern bed frame types or free-form geometrical or other creative styles to add modern drama to a simple, box-style bedroom shape.


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