How Do I Choose the Best Mobile Marketing Agency?

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A mobile marketing agency is a marketing or advertising agency that helps you promote your product, service or business using mobile devices. The primary mobile devices used are cell phones, but can also consist of buses and car wraps. When you are choosing a mobile marketing agency, some of the factors you should consider are the marketing tools, marketing techniques, marketing approaches, business tools and marketing strategies the agency uses. Take their experience with your industry, success rates and price into consideration.

Each mobile marketing agency has its own marketing tools and techniques for running campaigns and promoting your business. You should discuss the type of approach they take in these efforts to ensure that the strategies and techniques are those most likely to reach your target audience. Not only do you want to ensure that the tools and techniques used reach your audience, but you also want to convert these efforts into purchases.

Business tools are another consideration for choosing the best mobile marketing agency. Find out about the technology and software the company uses to send out the mobile marketing messages to cell phones and other mobile devices. Ask how often the server for these tools goes down or any problems or issues the company has had with the dissemination of these messages.


Determine how the agency tracks results of the mobile efforts. For example, you want to know how they track how many messages go out and how many recipients actually receive the messages. The mobile marketing agency should provide you with reports, such as how many people open the messages on their mobile devices and how many take action from the ad.

Consider a mobile marketing agency that specializes or has experience working with your particular type of business or industry. You may even want to speak with some of the clients the agency works with in your industry to obtain reference and obtain success rates for their marketing campaigns and efforts through the agency.

Price is another factor. Some mobile marketing agency pricing strategies are on a package or retainer basis. Others may charge on an a la carte basis or for each campaign that they work on for you. Choosing the best mobile marketing agency comes down to choosing the agency that best fits all of your needs but still fits in your marketing budget.


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