How do I Choose the Best Mobile Home Ceiling Panels?

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There are many mobile home ceiling panels available based on attributes such as color, thickness, and size. They come in two basic types, which are gypsum wallboard and fiberboard. Either kind can work well in a mobile home, but choosing the best one for a particular situation will require some thought and research. The first issue to address is what the mobile home's current panels are made from. Once that has been determined, it will be easier to consider the size and thickness of the panel needed.

If the mobile home already has gypsum wallboard panels, a damaged panel should be replaced with the same. This is also true for fiberboard, because that allows the replacement panel to better match the existing ceiling. Be sure to measure the thickness of the mobile home ceiling panels in the home, so that also can be matched. Color is less important, because the panel can always be painted once it is installed. If the mobile home's entire ceiling is being replaced, choosing panels becomes a matter of personal choice, because there's no need to worry about matching existing panels.


Keep the idea of mobile home value in mind when choosing mobile home ceiling panels, because the type of panels used can raise or lower the value of the home, especially if the entire ceiling is being replaced. Traditionally, gypsum wallboard panels are of higher quality, cost more, and will be more valuable to a buyer if the home is sold in the future. Another thing to keep in mind is that repairing a mobile home may require some assistance, especially when working on the ceiling. Depending on the mobile home's location, parts may be hard to come by. Determine exactly what parts are needed, order them, and wait for them to come in before tearing into the existing ceiling; this helps avoid having to live in a construction zone for any longer than necessary.

Choosing the best mobile home ceiling materials is easier when a professional helps determine what is really needed. If there isn't a mobile home dealer that handles parts and repairs in the area, see if a chain home improvement store can offer assistance. Many of them carry items such as mobile home ceiling panels, because mobile and manufactured homes are so common, especially in some areas of the country. Asking for assistance offers better assurances that the right ceiling materials are being chosen and that they will fit well in the home.


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