How do I Choose the Best Mission Statement Generator?

Kristie Lorette

Mission statement generators are programs, books, or information that help you put together the best statement for your company or business. Choosing the best mission statement generator comes down to evaluating a service that specializes in your industry or allows you to generate sample statements by industry. You should also seek generators that allow you to pick and choose the portions of the different mission statements that you like and help you assemble a personalized statement that fits your business. Checking for testimonials or references, trying the mission statement generator out, or looking for a money-back guarantee offer can also help you choose the best mission statement generator for your needs.

Personal mission statements are best when focused on a specific goal.
Personal mission statements are best when focused on a specific goal.

A mission statement is the official statement of the purpose of a company, and helps to define what the company stands for in its industry. Try to find a mission statement generator that specializes in your industry or in the type of business for which you are writing the statement. For example, a church mission statement is going to be very different from that of a construction mission statement. The best generator is one that understands your business and industry and uses that knowledge to create a meaningful and applicable mission statement.

Search for mission statement generators that allow you to pull personalized and customized statements. These types of generators ask you questions up-front about the industry of your business and the business itself. By inputting this information, the generator is able to narrow down mission statement choices that apply to the types of products or services your business offers. Some basic generators simply provide mission statements that are not personalized or customized in any way. This type of generator can make it long and arduous to generate a statement that fits your needs.

Look for client testimonials about the generator. Whether you are buying a software program online or purchasing a book that helps you assemble your own mission statement, find out what other business owners and managers are saying about the product. You can also request references from the company offering or selling the mission statement generator information. If possible, find businesses that are related to your own in some way and ask about their experiences.

One of the best ways to choose a mission statement generator is to take it on a test drive. If the generator you are considering is not free, ask if you can have a trial period to test it out before you buy. If there is not a trial period, then look for a money-back guarantee. At least this way you know that if the mission statement generator does not work for your business, then you will get your money back.

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