How Do I Choose the Best Mini Pedicure?

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When choosing a mini pedicure, you should consider the reputation of the salon or spa offering the services, the treatments offered as well as both the cost and the length of the service. Each salon or spa establishes the number and types of treatments included in a pedicure service, so it is very important that you carefully read the salon's or spa's list of services and prices so that you can understand the difference between a mini pedicure and a standard pedicure. There is always the risk of infection when an person undergoes a nail-care treatment, so it is crucial that you make sure that the salon takes steps to ensure proper hygiene. Finally, research the cost of mini pedicures offered by the nail shops, salons and spas in your area so that you can choose the treatment that represents the best value.

A full pedicure typically begins with soaking the feet in water, to which scented oils might be added. The pedicurist then scrubs the feet, removes calluses and then typically performs a series of treatments that might include a scrub, a "foot mask" application or a paraffin bath. At some point, the person performing the pedicure might massage the feet and lower legs of the client as well. Finally, the pedicurist files and shapes the client's toenails and then administers various nail treatments, including cuticle removal, nail buffing and the application of nail polish.


In a mini pedicure, the pedicurist does not perform all of these services but instead offers a more limited nail-grooming service that takes less time. A manicure business typically provides potential customers with a written description of its services. Look over this list and review the different pedicure packages available. In some places, a mini pedicure consists of nail filing and polishing, although some salons might include a short massage, food bath or scrub. If these services are important to you, you might want to choose a mini pedicure package that includes them.

Another consideration is the reputation of the nail shop or salon that offers mini pedicure services. Be sure to find out whether its staff is properly licensed to offer nail care services in that area. Find out whether they use new emery boards and buffers for each client and whether their durable equipment, such as callus removers, are sterilized after being used on a client. Finally, take into consideration the price of the mini pedicure; some salons might offer full pedicures at the same price as another salon's mini pedicure. Consider the reputation, atmosphere and service offerings of each shop before making a final decision.


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