How Do I Choose the Best Media Room Ideas?

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Choosing the best media room ideas depends upon personal taste, room dimensions, and desired theme. A media room gives people the opportunity to enjoy movies, sporting events, and concerts in their homes without paying the price of a conventional movie theater. Staples of media rooms include movie screens or projection televisions, sound systems and functional lighting systems. In addition, media room decor can be designed to fit almost any budget and can range from simple to extravagant.

Fun and unique media room ideas include setting up a concession area in the room to give guests the feel of a real movie theater. The concession area can also a include popcorn machine, drink counter, snack table, and condiment table. In addition, a mini bar complete with stools can be built to further add to the atmosphere. Creating a built-in concession area does not have to be expensive, but homeowners can hire a professional to construct an elaborate, authentic concession stand complete with a cotton candy machine, soft drink dispenser, and nacho cheese dispenser.

Other media room ideas include incorporating a theme into the decor. Homeowners can choose sports-related themes such as football, baseball, basketball or hockey, or they might prefer a "Broadway in New York" or "Hollywood" theme. Cutouts of movie stars, wall murals, and movie posters can be added to further enhance the decor, as can adding pieces of vintage furniture and a ticket booth.


One of the most important aspects of a media room is the seating. If people want to really give their media rooms a movie theater ambiance, they can consider having elevated row seating installed. Media room furnishings should be comfortable, and using plush fabrics to construct the seats adds to an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Comfortable recliners and couches are great alternatives to row seating and provide a more intimate, home-like atmosphere.

When pondering media room ideas, the type of lighting needs to be considered. Low-wattage light bulbs and dimmer switches add to the movie theater atmosphere as do wall-mounted sconce light fixtures. Homeowners who want to incorporate other types of media into the mix can install music systems, complete with soundproof walls and even small recording studios. To further add to the drama, installing a motorized curtain or drapery system around the projection screen will enhance the anticipation of the feature presentation. Heavy red or gold velvet curtains and theater ropes also add authenticity to the home media landscape.


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