How do I Choose the Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain?

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No single mattress for lower back pain exists that will work for every back pain sufferer. The choice will ultimately come down to personal preference, but a few basic guidelines can help you determine the best mattress for lower back pain that will help alleviate your specific pain. The best practice one can employ when choosing a mattress is lying down on many mattresses to determine what helps and what hurts. This can take a significant amount of time, so quickly eliminating mattress qualities that hurt your back can speed up the process.

Back pain sufferers will need to find a middle ground between comfort and support when choosing a mattress for lower back pain. While a firmer mattress may provide the proper amount of support, it may not be comfortable. A mattress that is much softer may be comfortable, but it may not provide enough support, which can lead to muscles tensing during the night. Choose a mattress for lower back pain that compromises on the two criteria, and remember that other factors will determine whether you get a good night's sleep or not.


Memory foam mattresses are growing in popularity as a great mattress for lower back pain. Such mattresses do not contain coils, as most mattresses do. Instead, polyurethane is combined with other chemicals to form a soft foam that conforms to the body's contours. These mattresses tend to be somewhat more expensive than coil spring mattresses, but they can provide the comfort and support a back pain sufferer needs. The thicker the foam, the softer the mattress will be, so be sure to try out both a thick foam mattress and a thinner one.

Mattresses are often sold in a few varieties: extra firm, firm, medium, and soft. Mattresses are further delineated by how long they are intended to last. A mattress rated for five years will wear out quickly and begin to lack the support necessary for the back pain sufferer. A mattress rated for ten years may be firm and comfortable for all ten years, though it is likely that the mattress will wear after time and lack adequate support. Choose a mattress that fits your sleeping style and offers adequate support for your back, and remember to try a few different combinations of pillows and sleeping positions to find the combination that works best for you.


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Post 4

@SarahGen-- I totally agree with you. The best mattress for lower back pain is one that is not too firm or too soft. When I was in the hospital for a severe back spasm, the doctor told me to make a soft bed on the floor when I got home. So layered two comforters on top of one another on the floor and slept on it. My back really felt better after that. I realized at that time that my mattress needs to be the same way.

I actually preferred to get a firm mattress and use a softer mattress topper on top of it. I think this works best.

Post 3

@ysmina-- I have a mattress with a latex top layer and I like it. I suffer from chronic lower back pain because of a herniated disc and my mattress is very important. Latex provides relief from pressure points just like memory foam, but it does not take the shape of the body. So it's a flat but cushioned surface.

I personally like latex mattresses better because I want a mattress that's not too soft or too hard. Although different types of mattresses come in different levels of firmness, some materials are naturally more firm.

You should visit a mattress store and try some of the mattresses or mattress toppers with latex to get an idea about them.

Post 2

Can a mattress made of latex be used for lower back pain? Does anyone here have experience with this type of mattress?

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