How do I Choose the Best Maternity Skirts?

Brandi L. Brown

Choosing the best maternity skirts can help you stay comfortable and stylish throughout your pregnancy. By choosing the skirts carefully, you should be able to maximize the length of time that you use each skirt. The primary keys to selecting the best maternity skirts are choosing elastic waistbands, selecting the right colors, getting a good length and finding a movable fabric.

Maternity dresses and skirts can make pregnant women who wouldn't have otherwise felt attractive feel beautiful.
Maternity dresses and skirts can make pregnant women who wouldn't have otherwise felt attractive feel beautiful.

Elastic waistbands typically are found in the pants of small children and older people, because these populations tend to have large fluctuations in size. Pregnant women are the same, and getting elastic waistbands in maternity skirts is the best way to ensure that you will be able to wear your skirts comfortably for the duration of your pregnancy. Though elastic waistbands typically are not fashionable, pregnant women can hide the waistbands under long maternity tops, which are fairly standard fare for expectant mothers.

Another consideration is the color of the maternity skirts that you select. Maternity clothing commonly comes in darker colors. The traditional dress colors of black, blue and dark brown are common, though some lines carry other colors as well. Many women report feeling clumsier in the later stages of pregnancy, so these skirts work well to hide stains from things such as spilled food or beverages. These colors also work best throughout the year, whereas professional women, in particular, will not be able to wear light-colored skirts fashionably during all seasons.

The length of skirts is important as well. If you are buying maternity skirts at the very beginning of your pregnancy, going with a skirt that hits just below the knee will be the best choice. As your pregnancy progresses, the skirt will appear shorter as your stomach gets bigger. A skirt that hits below the knee early in your pregnancy might hit just above the knee during your third trimester of pregnancy. Ankle-length skirts can work if they have a slit in them; otherwise, walking in long skirts can get cumbersome as your belly gets bigger.

Keep in mind that your body changes size and shape throughout the pregnancy. A maternity skirt made from a stretchy fabric, such as polyester or cotton, is likely to look better on you throughout your pregnancy. Skirts made of fabrics that have less "give" in them might look misshapen as your pregnancy progresses. Making certain to get maternity skirts with the ability to change with your body will help you be able to wear the same clothing throughout your pregnancy.

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