How Do I Choose the Best Maternity Pajamas?

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Mothers searching for the best maternity pajamas should look for clothes that are not constricting, made from a cotton base, and can double as nursing pajamas. Free flowing sleep clothes allow blood and fluid to flow easily through the mother's body and reach her fetus. Cotton fibers and cotton blends can stretch comfortably around a mother's growing body without causing her to overheat. This type of clothing can also be designed to last during the first stages of nursing, which often occurs throughout the night. These items are available for purchase through Internet ordering and at some local specialty clothing stores.

Maternity pajamas should primarily be non-constricting. Blood flow to the fetus and the lower extremities of the mother are essential during all stages of the pregnancy. When the mother lies down to sleep at night, the weight of the baby often puts pressure on her back and the nerves in her legs. Any clothing she wears while she is lying down for long periods of time should not affect her circulation. Nightgowns and pajama pants which are designed to slouch and fit below the baby belly both avoid tightness around the critical areas of a mother's legs and back.


Cotton is an excellent material used in different styles of maternity pajamas. Many women, during the latter stages of their pregnancies, complain of feeling hot. The natural cotton fibers breathe well and promote air circulation around the mother's body while she sleeps. Other blended fibers that are well suited for this type of clothing are modal and spandex. These blends can stretch to fit the mother's belly, and return to a more flattering and comfortable shape after birth.

Pregnant woman who are planning on breastfeeding their babies after they give birth may benefit from considering maternity pajamas that have easy open fronts. This type of pajama is often labeled as a nursing item, and can serve the mother both during pregnancy and the first months or first year of her baby's life. The design usually includes two layers of fabric that wrap slightly around the upper torso and cinch together using flexible spandex below the breasts. The mother can easily fold down one flap during the night to feed her newborn, and adjust it back into place when she is finished.


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