How Do I Choose the Best Matching Toilet and Basin?

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The planning stage of a bathroom remodel is often the most involved and time-consuming step, and for good reason: you will need to consider carefully how you want your bathroom to look and function once the remodeling is complete. One way to improve the aesthetic of the room is to choose a matching toilet and basin, thereby providing a consistent look to the bathroom space. When choosing matching features, you will first need to take accurate measurements in the room to determine how large they should be.

Once you have determined the sizes you need, you will need to think about what types of features you want for your toilet and basin. Some toilets now feature water-saving flush mechanisms that will use far less water than a conventional toilet. Sinks can come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and designs, and you will need to decide whether you want a pedestal sink, a wall-mounted sink, a drop-in basin, a semi-drop basin, or another style. Consider the various designs and choose the ones that suit your aesthetic preferences the best. Consider functionality as well, especially if this is a master bathroom that will be used regularly.


The color of the toilet and basin should usually match, and the fixtures on each unit often match as well. Start by thinking about the color in terms of the rest of the room: it is common to choose a neutral color for the toilet and basin that will fit the color scheme of any room, though you may choose to match the color of these units to the wall color or floor color. Subdued colors tend to work well because they will fit any color scheme and they will not show dirt especially easily; darker colors will hide dirt even more, but dark colors also tend to make the bathroom space darker and less comfortable.

You may need to consider who will be using the bathroom regularly when choosing a matching toilet and basin as well. Kids will benefit from larger, easily handled fixtures and smaller toilets; handicapped people may require a toilet and basin that is mounted lower to the ground; mom and dad will enjoy plenty of counter space around the basin, and whoever ends up cleaning the bathroom will probably benefit from clean lines with less crevices in which dirt can become lodged.


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