How Do I Choose the Best Master Bedroom Set?

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Although choosing a master bedroom set seems relatively insignificant, it's actually quite important considering it's what a person sees first thing in the morning and right before falling asleep. Before shopping, take measurements of the room, then decide on the ideal number of pieces as well as the type. Those with a smaller space to work with should consider pieces that offer maximum storage space. The color and style of the furniture are also going to be a factor of what to buy. Before making a purchase, check the sturdiness to ensure it's worth the money.

Use a tape measure and start by getting the exact length, width and height measurements of the room. Measure the doorway to check that the furniture can fit through, especially if the furniture is coming intact and not in pieces. For bedrooms that have trim or a heater along the floor or ceiling, measure only to the widest part of the protruding piece and not to the wall. The same goes for measuring odd room angles such as a slanted ceiling or for measuring by window sills.

A master bedroom set typically comes with a bed, dresser and two night tables, but may also include an extra dresser or a mirror. Depending on the store, the buyer can interchange items or remove them completely from the set. Decide the type of pieces that are wanted in the room.


The initial measurements are going to determine how many pieces can actually fit. Smaller rooms should opt for a tall dresser rather than a vertical one and a queen bed rather than a king. Those who want a mirror are better off with one that sits on the dresser rather than one that stands on the floor.

Many have a problem with a lack of storage, which can especially be an issue in a small bedroom. Before purchasing a master bedroom set, consider the amount of storage space that's needed. Although some just think of the dresser drawers as the storage areas, certain pieces provide even more. Opt for night tables that have a shelf or drawer on the bottom rather than those that just stand on legs and resemble stools. There are also beds with pull-out drawers underneath as opposed to an empty space.

The style and color of the master bedroom set is the base for the entire design of the room. Decide on a color scheme first, then work from there. There are many furniture styles to choose from, for example, those who want a more regal look to the bedroom may choose Georgian style furniture, which is defined by its claw feet, bulky pieces and ornate carvings. Contemporary is a no-fuss simple style comprised of sleek lines and solid colors.

If possible, check the sturdiness of the master bedroom set before making a purchase. Lean on the furniture, open the drawers and shake it back and forth a bit. Whether it's made of wood, metal or plastic, it should hold up well to the tests. Any slight hint of weakness and it's best to move onto something else.


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