How do I Choose the Best Massage Table Sheets?

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When choosing the best massage table sheets, it is important to consider issues such as easy of care, comfort, flexibility, and atmosphere. Massage table sheets come in a variety of options from cotton to fleece to disposable. Protection of the table while providing a sanitary surface for every client is a must; therefore, unless there is easy access to a washer, disposable sheets may be needed. When supplying spa-like treatments such as wraps that call for water, mud, or seaweed, a waterproof sheet may be essential.

Selecting the right massage table sheet can be as simple as choosing a standard twin-size cotton or flannel sheet set at the local department store. This option provides a fitted sheet to protect the table, a flat sheet for draping, and a pillowcase which can cover the face rest or head rest. Bed sheets are also washable to provide a clean surface for every client.


While cotton sheets may be all that is required during the warmer months, a therapist who wishes to offer extra comfort and warmth may opt for flannel. Flannel sheets allow the therapist to maintain the room's thermostat to a comfortable level for him or her to give the massage without having to worry about the client feeling cold. If client warmth is a priority, some sheet sets come with a fitted heated sheet to decrease the chill of the table and stabilize body warmth. A heated blanket over the flat draping sheet may also help in keep the client comfortable.

Most massage therapy supply stores offer massage table sheets. The difference between special massage table sheets and standard sheets is that some come with a head rest cover, usually elastic and crescent-shaped to fit the opening for the face in the same fabric as the sheeting. Some therapists choose to use a washable sheet set with a disposable face rest cover. Moisture and bacterial-proof fabrics, often referred to as spa drapes, can also be purchased in disposable or non-disposable forms.

These specialty stores also have other options, such as disposable massage table sheets and foil. Disposable sheets are typically made of a paper-like hypoallergenic material. Some are lined with a thin plastic to manage moisture.

Foil sheets are commonly used with spa treatment massages to maintain body heat. This occurs when heat from the body hits the sheet and reflects back. Heated sheets, rubber pads placed under sheets to decrease sheet slipping, and fleece table pads with elastic hooks are also selections available when choosing the best massage table sheet sets.


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