How Do I Choose the Best Mascara for Men?

S. Gonzales

Mascara for men can come in a variety of different forms in order to meet the needs of the user. Clear mascara is the choice for most men, as it can be applied and worn without much fuss and obviousness. However, you can also choose a range of products that add color, volume, and curl to your lashes, if desired. While there are several mascara products for men on the market, many mascaras intended to be used by women can work just as well for a man.

Men may choose black mascara to make their eyelashes look darker.
Men may choose black mascara to make their eyelashes look darker.

Clear mascara is a transparent gel-like mascara that is often considered perfect for men. Its basic nature allows for the user to wear it without showing caking or other telltale signs of makeup. Clear mascara can also be used on the eyebrows to keep them in place. This can be beneficial to you if you happen to have unruly eyebrows and struggle with their maintenance. Applying a thin coat of clear mascara to your eyebrows can give you control of pesky flyaway hairs and instantly make you look more polished.

Most mascara products used by men are the same as women’s.
Most mascara products used by men are the same as women’s.

If you desire a more dramatic look, you might want to try colored mascara for men. Made in brown or black, this mascara can make your eyelashes look darker and more defined which is especially helpful if you have lighter hair. In this way, mascara acts to define the eye area and call attention to the eyes. For an even more drastic change, you can look for mascaras with shimmer or that comes in a variety of colors to accentuate your eye color, such as blues and purples. If you want to achieve the smudged look, search for a mascaras that is not waterproof, which will enable you to smear it along the creases.

Should you have thin eyelashes, you can select a mascara that has volumizing properties. These will make your eyelashes look thicker and longer. Clear mascaras can incorporate these properties into their formula as well, giving you the choice to use a mascara that won't look so obvious on your face. Be aware that choosing a mascara that is intended to add volume to the eyelashes can look very obvious on the face.

If you think that your eyelashes are too straight and desire to add a bit of curl to them without having to buy an eyelash curler, consider buying a mascara that will curl your lashes on its own. There are several formulas on the market that can do just that. Simply look for this attribute on the packaging when shopping. Of course, for the best curl effect, an eyelash curler is the best tool, as you can use it both before and after applying mascara to achieve your desired look.

While there are definitely products on the market that are advertised as being mascara for men, buying a mascara intended to be used for females can work for you, too. In fact, you may be able to save some money by simply picking up a mascara in the beauty aisle of your local grocery store instead of special-ordering mascara for men from a website or another store. Try out different mascaras to determine the appropriate product for you.

Clear mascara is often considered the perfect option for men.
Clear mascara is often considered the perfect option for men.

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I have been using clear mascara for the past six months and recently (past week) switched to brown mascara.

I do put it on both the top and bottom lashes as i think it looks better but only very lightly on the bottom. I have blond lashes and does make them stand out.

it is noticeable and have had comments from family who have noticed but out in public no comments.


I agree with the article that most any good makeup made for women will work just as well on men. When you see men with noticeable mascara on their lashes, the problem is more times than not the application process and not the makeup.

Most men have not had much experience applying makeup, and as any woman will tell you, there is an art to the process. Applying makeup is a skill we have perfected over time, and not without more than a few mishaps. So men, stop looking for a better and more expensive mascara and learn how to use what you have at hand.


One of the side effects of aging, and there are many, is graying hair. I am not talking about only the hair on top of your head either. All of your hair is susceptible to graying.

I have a friend who had no problem with the graying side burns and then the salt and pepper look in his hair. However, when he began to notice gray eyelashes he was compelled to make some changes. He said the lighter lashes made him feel old every time he looked into a mirror, so he got the idea to use his wife's mascara.

I don't know whether he applied it too thickly or what the problem was, but the change was very noticeable. Still, he continued to use her mascara because he preferred the look over his gray lashes. At some point, his wife bought him some men's mascara so he would stop using hers.

I don't know whether my friend simply got better at applying the mascara or whether the men's product was thinner, but it looked better than when he used his wife's makeup. The men's version didn't leave the "spider" lashes.

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