How Do I Choose the Best Marmoset Monkey Breeder?

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Purchasing and caring for a marmoset requires a huge commitment of time and resources on the part of the owner. Knowing how to choose the best marmoset monkey breeder significantly decreases the likelihood that the newly acquired marmoset will have serious health or behavioral issues. Further, selecting a reputable marmoset monkey breeder will eliminate many potential legal complications. To choose the best marmoset monkey breeder, look for a breeder licensed by a regulatory agency, ask other people for recommendations and try to determine how well the breeder cares for marmosets.

Many countries require marmoset breeders to be licensed in order to breed, sell or display marmosets. Licensed breeding facilities typically must undergo an inspection on a regular basis. The inspection and the care guidelines enforced by such inspections are meant to ensure the safety and health of marmosets that are bred in captivity. Choosing a licensed breeder encourages healthy breeding practices.

A prospective marmoset owner can't completely rely on a regulatory agency to vet marmoset monkey breeders. It's difficult to properly hand-raise a marmoset infant. In the wild, marmosets constantly interact with their infants, carrying them with them as they forage for food. A good breeder will try to provide this type of experience for the baby marmoset. Relying too heavily on surrogate sources of comfort can produce an emotionally damaged marmoset.


Often, the most effective way of finding a reputable breeder is by recommendation, or word-of-mouth. Online communities, local interest groups and veterinarians that specialize in exotic animals are all great resources for finding a good breeder. Individual breeders often specialize in a specific variety of marmoset, so there are no guarantees that local breeders will have the variety for which a particular potential marmoset owner is looking. Utilizing community resources will direct you to best breeder for your specific needs.

Another practical, but often overlooked, concern is whether the breeder properly provided for the marmoset's dietary needs. Although having a nutritionally sound diet is important throughout the marmoset's life, having a balanced diet is crucial during its first weeks of life. A reputable marmoset monkey breeder will understand and exercise a healthy feeding schedule. Along with fortified food, human infant formula and human infant vitamin drops, the marmoset breeder should be encouraging the young monkey to try a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains.

Any individual who wants to purchase a marmoset should check national, regional, and local laws to determine whether owning a marmoset is legal. Only then should he or she begin searching for marmoset breeders. A reputable marmoset monkey breeder would not sell a marmoset to an individual who could not legally own it.


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