How Do I Choose the Best Marketing Position Strategy?

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Choosing the best marketing position strategy is key to your success in the business world. In order to let prospective clients and customers know about your products and services, you need to market them. Marketing is a multifaceted approach that incorporates four primary components: your product or service itself, followed by pricing, distribution, and promotion.

Your first and primary concern in choosing the best marketing position strategy is the specific product or service you wish to promote. It is essential for your initial marketing plans to include putting comprehensive time and effort into research and development. Find out if a market exists for your particular product line or service. Then work toward making it the best of its kind available on the market. Your marketing plans should also include your ideas for the packaging and label designs for your products, or a logo and marketing materials for your services.


Another element of marketing position strategy includes establishing a fair price that will attract customers or clients, but also provide a profit for you. The distribution method you choose for your product or service also plays a part in your market position. When people know your product or service is readily available, through convenient means such as online shopping, you may come out ahead of someone offering a similar product or service in a limited physical location. Likewise, how you choose to promote your product or service affects the market position you attain. Use all the means available to you that are suitable for your target demographic.

Product perception is another integral part of marketing position strategy. No matter what your product or service is, you want it to convey an impressive message to prospective customers or clients. The first impression of your product or service has to grab people’s attention and create a positive and memorable product perception. Explore the marketing strategies of some of the products you buy or services you use, and ask yourself what convinced you to buy them. Then incorporate those components into your own marketing plans.

Brand loyalty follows a positive product perception in a thorough marketing position strategy. Once you have convinced customers to purchase your products, or clients to use your services, you want to encourage brand loyalty so you can enjoy repeat business. When people appreciate the quality of your product or service, and believe it provides valuable benefits, they will usually continue to be loyal consumers. In addition, satisfied customers often provide crucial word-of-mouth advertising to family, friends, and co-workers.

The best marketing position strategy for you depends on your specific business product or service. Once you establish your marketing plans and gain marketing position, you are well on your way to creating a positive product perception and building brand loyalty. Ongoing improvements to your marketing strategy can further serve to secure a position in the market for your product or service.


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