How do I Choose the Best Marble Coffee Table?

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In order to choose the best marble coffee table, it is important to consider the size of the table, the color or colors present in the table, the materials that are used to make the table, the style and the weight. Also, consider whether the coffee table should be newly fabricated or if it would be better to go with an antique. This will be a choice that will inform one's search for a marble coffee table. Size is one of the most basic and most important considerations and should come first. Measure the space where the coffee table is to fit and look for tables that work best.

Color is an important choice as a marble coffee table should accent or complement the room in which it will be installed. There are many shades of marble including black, white, grey, green, and beige tones that can range from pink to yellow. Also, many marble coffee tables only include marble on the surface of the table and have metal or wooden legs. These can also vary quite a bit in terms of colors. It is always smart to shop with a few paint chips and fabric swatches on hand to use for comparison.


There are dozens of styles of coffee tables, so it is important to consider if the marble coffee table should be modern looking, if it should be minimalist or embellished, and if it should reflect a certain period of design. One can purchase a new marble coffee table that echoes the design aesthetics common in the Victorian era. A good way to narrow down one's options is to research coffee tables online and in home design magazines and print or tear out pictures of coffee tables that would meet all of one's practical and aesthetic needs.

It is also very important to consider the weight of a marble coffee table, especially if the table is large. Marble is a very heavy material, especially when it is cut in large, thick slabs. If the marble coffee table will need to be moved on a regular or even semi-regular basis, it may be best to search for an option that is less heavy than the rest. This may mean choosing a marble coffee table that has wooden or metal legs instead of one that is solid marble. For a light-weight option, consider purchasing a wooden coffee table that has marble inlaid into sections of the top.


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