How Do I Choose the Best Mantle Decor?

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When you are trying to choose the right mantle decor, it can be a good idea to take the overall room design and your other home furnishings into account. This can help you to choose functional decor that is made from the same or similar materials. You may want to choose one large piece to use as a focal point, and then two or three smaller pieces to complement it. It is generally okay to mix and match shapes and textures, or you may want to switch out these home decorations based on the season.

The interior design of your home can play a part in the type of mantle decor you choose. If you have many antiques in your room, you may want to choose very simple interior decorations such as a ceramic vase or wicker basket. If your room has a more contemporary feel, you might want to choose metal picture frames or candle holders instead. It is okay to mix more than one decorating style as long as the focal piece blends well with the overall room design.


Many times, the fireplace mantle is the focal point of a room. This can be done by choosing one item of mantle decor that makes a bold statement, and then finding smaller pieces to accent that item. Some interior decorations that might be used to create a focal point could include a mirror, lamp, or figurine placed in the center of the mantle itself. You could then place a smaller candle or basket on either side of this larger piece in order to add visual interest. Generally speaking, no more than three items should be placed on a surface, so you should avoid buying many small pieces to place on the fireplace mantle.

Not all the home decorations you use in mantle decor have to match, but you should nonetheless make sure they are not distracting to guests. It is best to choose home decorations with clean, simple lines rather than very abstract pieces. You can choose different-colored items for your fireplace mantle as long as they do not class with the other home furnishings found in the room.

It can be a good idea to change your mantle decor from time to time, so you may want to mix and match pieces based on the season. While Christmas is a popular time to try new decor ideas, this can also be done for other holidays. By doing so, you can help maintain a fresh look to the room no matter what time of year it is.


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