How Do I Choose the Best Manicure Brush?

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Some people simply enjoy regular manicures while others are more concerned with keeping their fingernails, as well as the area underneath their fingernails, clean. A good manicure brush can be a useful tool for both types of people. Keep in mind that if you use a manicure brush frequently, you will probably want to choose one with soft bristles to avoid injuring the delicate area beneath your nails.

You can choose from natural or synthetic bristles. Both types of manicure brush are widely available but those with natural bristles tend to cost a bit more. It may be worth the difference in cost for many people as natural bristles tend to offer better quality. They are often softer than their synthetic equivalents as well.

Some types of manicure brush will also offer dual bristle designs. The main part of the brush may use one type of bristle while along the top or the side of the brush a softer or firmer bristle type is available. This style provides greater convenience than having to purchase and store two separate types of manicure brush.

There are various styles of this tool available as well. You may prefer a manicure brush with a longer handle. The long-handled brush can provide for greater ease of use and better gripping. Other styles require the unit to be held in the palm of the hand or offer a small curved handle at the top. There are ergonomic designs available as well.


You may wish to purchase a manicure brush that comes complete with other accessories. You can select a full manicure set or a simple brush set. A manicure set tends to include things like nail clippers or trimmers, a nail file, cuticle tools, and some even include nail polish, polish remover, or other manicure supplies. A manicure brush set may simply contain a brush, soap, and a holder to use on the sink or counter or a unit that allows you to hang the manicure brush in the shower.

Aside from manicure brushes that are used to keep nails clean, there are also brushes that are used to apply polish and decorative embellishments. These types of brushes are very similar to paintbrushes, and should be selected in much the same way. Different sizes are available for applying a coat of polish and for adding intricate details. Always choose high-quality application brushes for best results.


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