How Do I Choose the Best Malted Milk Powder?

Sherry Holetzky

Malted milk powder can turn a plain glass of milk into an old fashioned treat. Malts were a big deal at one time, and meeting at the soda fountain to share one with two straws was quite a romantic date. Sodas and shakes given a dash of malt powder offered a more distinct flavor. The powder is available today in a variety of types and packages from specialty mixes to your favorite everyday brands at the grocery store.

Malted milk powder can be combined with milk to create a beverage.
Malted milk powder can be combined with milk to create a beverage.

For many folks, malted milk is an acquired taste, while for others it brings back memories of those old fashioned soda fountain delights. There is malted milk flavored candy as well for those who prefer the convenience of bite-sized treats. These candies are produced year-round and are generally referred to as malted milk balls. You can also find specialty offerings for certain holidays, such as brightly colored malted eggs with a crunchy candy shell for Easter.

Some people prefer the novelty of malted milk balls.
Some people prefer the novelty of malted milk balls.

A great use for malted milk powder is as flavoring for a bowl of ice cream. The malted milk mix can be sprinkled on top or mixed into the ice cream to give it extra flavor. Vanilla and chocolate ice cream are both complemented by malted milk powder, but you can certainly experiment with a number of other flavors. For ice cream topping, a fine, powder will be the best choice.

You can find malted milk powder in different flavors as well, so you may wish to compare them. Some brands offer a “vintage” mix that is said to be reminiscent of real old-fashioned malts. In many grocery stores, you can find an original version and a chocolate formula of malted milk powder. Don’t forget to bring home some extra milk so you can try them all.

The powder is typically low in calories and fat, with no trans-fats per serving so you won’t need to look for light or diet options. If you need to be careful of sugar intake, be sure to check labels carefully for sugar content. Some mixes have more sugars per serving than others do.

To make your own malted milk powder, you will need a combination of malt powder, sugar, and evaporated powdered milk. Be sure to select non-diastatic malt as this is the type generally used for beverage making. Diastatic malt is used for baking, not only for flavoring, but also to help dough rise higher and more quickly.

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@talentryto- Thanks for the tip! I love malted milk that has a very rich chocolate flavor. Sometimes I even mix it with chocolate milk for an extra rich treat that is double on the chocolate!


When shopping for malted milk powder, I always look for the kind that has a dark brown color. I find that when it does, the flavor is richer than malted milk powder that is light brown in color.


Drinking malted milk made from malted milk powder always brings back memories for me. I like to mix it with milk and put it in the blender with a scoop of ice cream for a thick chocolaty treat.

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