How Do I Choose the Best Makeup for a Cool Skin Tone?

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Choosing the best makeup for a cool skin tone is all about picking colors that enhance the natural shade of your skin. When deciding on face products, look for items that have a slightly yellow base, while avoiding pink-toned foundations, powders, and concealers. Blushes and bronzers that match the color of your skin when you tan or flush naturally are often the best choice. While eyeshadow colors are often more adaptable to a range of skin tones, those with a cool skin tone should typically avoid very warm colors, such as orange, red, or yellow-gold, as these can wash you out. When it comes to lips, opt for colors in the pink and mauve family, and avoid anything with an orange base.

With most makeup for a cool skin tone, you should look to match the item to the natural undertones of your face, typically pink or blue. This is not true, however, when it comes to face products. Applying a pink-based foundation or powder can often make you look too pink, and can seem unnatural on your skin. If your skin is only slightly rosy, opt for a neutral-based foundation, often indicated on the packaging. Those who are very pink or have issues with redness should go for yellow-based face products, as these can help to cancel out the pink and red, providing a neutral base.


When choosing blush or bronzer for a cool skin tone, keep in mind how your face normally colors. Shades of blush that mimic your natural flush after physical exertion will typically suit you best. In general, avoid any peachy blushes with too much gold shimmer or orange tones, although a small amount of these is okay. When choosing bronzer, avoid warm browns and base the depth of the shade on whether you are fair, medium, or dark. Colors that match your skin after you get some sun are often best; anything darker or warmer will typically look unnatural.

The guidelines for makeup for a cool skin tone are slightly more lax when it comes to eye products. Warmer tones are okay when it comes to eyeshadow and liner, provided that the colors lean more towards neutral than red or orange. For cool skin tones, blues, greens, and purples often look best, and very warm shades of brown should be avoided. Cool pinks will also look good, though you should avoid large amounts of gold or yellow in any shade, as these can make you look washed out or ill.

Lip makeup for a cool skin tone is often comprised of pink and mauve colors. Yellow toned nude colors and orangey-reds can look out of place on the lips. For a red lip, choose colors that have a slightly blue base. Glosses with a silvery or clear finish also often look best.


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Post 2

@Grivusangel -- Yeah, yellow is a cool-toned person's worst enemy. I can wear coral if it's a more pink-based color than yellow. But true peach looks awful on me, too. If I'm wearing something sort of coral, I can get away with a pinky-coral lipstick, but I have to be careful or it starts looking like clown makeup on me.

I'm fair skinned too, and I can wear a burgundy lipstick more successfully than a really peachy one! The only season when it's easy to find cool colors is in winter. Otherwise, you have to focus on the rose/pink side of the spectrum and hope like heck that palette is in fashion this year.

I have to say that some companies, like Avon, offer cool, seasonal palettes year-round. One Avon color called Country Rose is a perfect spring/summer lipstick and it's one of their standard colors. It doesn't rotate out, so I can get it any time. That's a blessing!

Post 1

I have a naturally cool skin tone, and although I love the color peach, it makes my skin look greyish. I wear black very well, but since I have brown hair and eyes, people automatically assume I have a warm skin tone. Not true! I can get away with some warmer tones, like browns or beiges, as long as they don't have too much yellow in them. I have to be careful with yellow, anyway. It has to be a soft pastel for it to look right on me.

I wear a rosy blush and coffee-brown eyeliner, which I can get away with since I have brown eyes. I match my foundation to my skin, and it's usually the lightest, or next lightest shade, since I am very fair-skinned -- again something people don't expect considering the color of my hair and eyes.

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