How do I Choose the Best Makeup Applicators?

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There are many different types of makeup applicators on the market ranging from disposable applicators to expensive washable applicators. When choosing the right kind of makeup applicator, it is important to consider the task at hand. While a sponge may be a great tool for applying foundation, a brush won't allow you to blend foundation properly.

Essentially, any liquid makeup can be applied with a sponge. This type of makeup includes foundation, concealer, and cream blush. Powder makeup, such as powder blush and eyeshadow, should be applied using the proper brush. In order to choose the right type of brush, the best course of action is to invest in a complete makeup brush set. This type of set will include a blush brush, powder brush, angled eye-shadow brush, round eye-shadow brush, and a lip brush. Some brush sets may even include additional brushes depending upon the price of the set.

When choosing a brush set, try and avoid cheaper sets that may include brushes that won't last more than a couple of months. Instead, select a set that can be cleaned regularly using brush cleaner. While these sets may be more expensive, they are also a worthwhile investment. Aside from selecting the right kinds of brushes to use for each type of makeup, be sure that your makeup applicators are clean.


Frequently, people use makeup sponges and brushes that are full of bacteria. When this bacteria is applied to your face, the result can be a face full of blemishes. Instead of using a dirty brush, take the time to clean your brushes properly using brush cleaner. This type of cleaner can be found at specialty makeup stores or in any drugstore. Alternatively, you can clean brushes with a solution of soap and hot water, only be sure to rinse the brushes properly before using them once again.

Makeup sponges should only be used once. Following the first use, these sponges should be thrown away. Keeping a makeup sponge for multiple uses will promote harmful bacteria. Likewise, sharing a sponge with another person is not a good idea, since this will also create unwanted germs.

To find the best makeup applicators for your face, spend some time searching for applicator and brush sets at a local beauty store. By testing a few different kinds of makeup applicators, you will be able to find the right one for your makeup needs. While makeup applicators may all seem the same, some of these items are better than others.


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Post 4

@alex94: I have a kabuki brush too. It is really awesome. The name “kabuki” actually comes from a type of Japanese theater defined by actors/actresses who wear very heavy and stylized makeup.

They are commonly used to powder-based makeups, such as blush or foundation. A few years ago, the kabuki brushes were made of soft, semi-rigid animal fur, mainly from goats. They are now often made of Taklon or other synthetic fibers.

To clean your kabuki brush, simply tap it on the back of your hand to remove any pigment left behind. You can also use mild makeup cleaners and then dry it with a paper towel. You need to dab it dry instead of wringing it. Wringing it can make it lose its shape. I have tried many makeup brush sets and this one is my favorite.

Post 3

@alex94: You are probably talking about the Kabuki brush. It is sold by Bare Minerals. I have one and I absolutely love it. It is an essential item for people who wear makeup regularly. The Kabuki brush has a short stem and a short, flat head. The brush head is either rounded or flat, with a curved edge.

Post 2

I have been trying to figure out what the best makeup brushes and every company swears that theirs is the best. Does anyone know what the brush is called that you apply mineral loose powder with?

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