How Do I Choose the Best Mahogany Wardrobe?

Dan Cavallari

Choosing the best mahogany wardrobe starts with both determining your space and storage requirements, and learning as much as possible about mahogany. Your first step should be to measure the room in which the wardrobe will be placed, and to determine what clothing or items will be stored inside the mahogany wardrobe. Once you have determined your space limitation and storage needs, you can narrow your search by eliminating units that are too large or too small. Next, you should consider your budget for the wardrobe; mahogany can be more expensive than other types of wood, especially if the wardrobe is an antique.

Mahogany can be an expensive type of wood.
Mahogany can be an expensive type of wood.

Mahogany has a very straight grain, and knots or other imperfections are usually not present. The color of the mahogany will change over time, going from a light red color to a deeper, darker brownish red or even burgundy. The wood can be finished to a high polish, making it an attractive and durable choice for furniture. A mahogany wardrobe will feature these distinguishing characteristics, and while the wood itself is durable, you will need to examine the craftsmanship of the unit to ensure it is strong and stable. Check the joints of the wardrobe, and try to test the unit for wobbling or creaking. These may be indications of poor construction.

Access is perhaps the most important advantage of hinged wardrobe doors.
Access is perhaps the most important advantage of hinged wardrobe doors.

Think about what style of mahogany wardrobe you are looking for. Tallboy wardrobes, for example, are tall and thin, and they often feature two drawers at the lowest part of the unit. These wardrobes are useful for storing longer garments such as dresses or gowns, while shorter, wider wardrobes are better for storing shorter articles of clothing such as shirts and pants. Choose the design that suits your needs the best, and consider a mahogany wardrobe that features shelves or drawers inside the closet portion. These shelves and drawers can be used to store foldable clothes as well as shoes, socks, underwear, and so on.

be sure to inspect the base or feet of the mahogany wardrobe as well. Many wardrobes made from mahogany will also feature mahogany feet, which can scratch wood floors easily. Some wardrobes will feature rubber fittings that prevent the wood from scratching the floors. Such rubber fittings will also help prevent damage to the feet, such as splitting or cracking, as well as water damage in especially damp rooms. Be sure the feet are even to ensure the unit is stable.

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