How do I Choose the Best Magnesium Citrate Tablets?

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Choosing the best magnesium citrate tablets can depend on your needs. For example, some people might need to purchase tablets with only magnesium in them, but others might need tablets that contain other minerals, such as calcium, to get the most out of them. When choosing magnesium citrate tablets, consider their size, concentrations and ability to be swallowed.

The effects of magnesium on the body are numerous. Although it is one of the most important minerals in the body, it's also one of the minerals in which many people are deficient. Enzymatic activity, energy production and the health of muscles, nerves and bones are just a few of the things that can suffer when a deficiency of magnesium is present. That's why you need to choose the appropriate magnesium citrate tablets when supplementing. Magnesium citrate is a highly absorbable form of magnesium, and tablets will most likely be the least-expensive option available to you.


Magnesium is an important co-factor for the assimilation of other minerals and enzymatic activity; this means that it can positively interact with other minerals and other body processes. One of the most synergistic relationships that magnesium has is with calcium. This is why you'll often see calcium and magnesium packaged together in tablets. If you're interested in trying to improve your calcium and magnesium levels, look into magnesium citrate tablets that also contain calcium. Make sure that you're purchasing the highly absorbable citrate form of magnesium before purchasing them.

Buying magnesium citrate tablets in higher concentrations than you need can be a cost-effective way to ensure that you get the minerals you need. Tablets, because of their composition and size, usually can be split into halves, and some can even be split into fourths without much crumbling. Tablets in higher concentrations don't usually cost that much more than their lower-concentration counterparts. If you know that you need a specific amount of magnesium each day, try buying tablets that contain double that amount and then split the tablets in half. That way, you'll have purchased more doses of magnesium for less money.

Although magnesium citrate tablets are a very common form of magnesium, be aware that magnesium citrate can come in other forms, too. If you have trouble swallowing a dry magnesium tablet, you should try capsule or liquid forms. Capsules can be easier to swallow for some people, because of their smooth surfaces. You can simply drink liquid forms of magnesium, which eliminates the need to swallow any kind of bulky tablet or capsule.


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Post 3

@discographer-- Magnesium citrate tablets are absorbed better than magnesium oxide tablets. But for some reason, they give me diarrhea. I don't know if it's the particular product I have or if diarrhea is a possible side effect of all of them. I'd still recommend this kind over magnesium oxide though which really doesn't work at all.

Post 2

@candyquilt-- As far as I know, magnesium citrate is one of the better types of magnesium because it is absorbed easily by the body. There are other types out there and some are not absorbed as easily. So that's why it might cost more than the very affordable magnesium supplements. But since your body absorbs more of it, it means you are getting more return on your money.

You should ask your doctor about whether you need more calcium or if your magnesium citrate supplement needs to contain calcium. If you are already getting your daily needed calcium amount, you might not need it. But some people believe that it's important to get the calcium at the same time as the magnesium and prefer to take a combined supplement.

Post 1

I've noticed that magnesium citrate tablets are a bit more expensive than regular magnesium supplements. How come? Are the more expensive ones better?

Also, I do drink milk every day and eat yogurt too. I think I get a good amount of calcium. Do I need to make sure that my magnesium citrate tablets have calcium?

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