How do I Choose the Best Maca Supplements?

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Maca supplements are derived from the Lepidium peruvianum plant and are used for variety of purposes for enhancing health and vitality. The plant is native to Peru and has long been touted as a wonderful tonic for fertility problems as well as associated sexual and reproductive issues in both men and women. Maca contains several different types of minerals and acids necessary for overall good health and has no documented adverse side effects. As with any type of dietary supplement, it is important to choose maca supplements in the correct dosage and in the best form for the user.

This herbal supplement is most commonly used for hormonal imbalances for men and women alike. Maca effects the hypothalamus pituitary gland that controls the release of adrenal hormones as well as the hormones most closely related to sexual function and reproduction. The supplement works to regulate the hormone production as opposed to stimulating the system, which could result in health complications as well. Men commonly use maca for erectile dysfunctions and in cases when testosterone levels are low. Women often use maca extract instead of chemical-based hormone replacement therapy during menopause and for controlling PMS symptoms.


When choosing maca supplements, it is important to learn more about the compounds that make up the standard supplements. These nutritional supplements include health-improving ingredients, including minerals such as iron, potassium, and zinc, along with the important fatty acids, lauric, stearic, and behenic. Amino acids are frequently found in maca capsules too. Glutamine, serine, and aspartate are among them as well as histidine, threonine, and lysine.

There are no adverse side effects connected to the use of maca supplements, as this herbal supplement does not contain any type of caffeine, stimulant, or ingredients known to negatively affect the health of the user. Most people who choose to use maca to improve their health often choose either the tablet or powder form of the supplement. Manufacturers suggest trying both forms to decide which is more convenient and effective. The extract form of maca is often more potent than the capsule form, so it is important to closely monitor the labels of the product chosen.

The common dose suggested is between 500 and 2,000 mg a day for an adult. Many people find a dose of 500 mg to be sufficient for their needs. It is also a good idea to take a break from using maca and use the supplement for three out of four weeks in the month. Nutritionists suggest this monthly break for most supplemental herbal use.


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This sounds really cool. Since the maca herb can affect the hormones and adrenals of the body, I wouldn't use them without supervision by a doctor who is familiar with them.

I know that changes in hormones can have a lot of effects on the body. A friend of mine is supporting her hormone health with this type of supplement and her doctor checks her hormone levels every six months.

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