How do I Choose the Best Lysine Vitamin?

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Choose the best lysine vitamin by first gathering information about brands currently being marketed. Your doctor, as well as friends and family members, may be able to help you discover brands you have never heard of. While gathering information, decide whether you prefer to take a lysine vitamin in a capsule or tablet form, or whether you prefer a liquid or cream form. As you compare information, narrow your options down by only considering brands with a high rate of effectiveness with the fewest side effects. Choose the one that offers the best results and is affordable for your budget.

Individuals using a lysine vitamin brand as a bodybuilding supplement are advised by health experts to take 12 milligrams per day. For individuals who are using a lysine vitamin for herpes treatment, the dosage may be higher. When a lesion is active, experts advise that up to 9,000 milligrams be taken per day and that at least 3,000 milligrams be taken in multiple daily doses when sores are not present in order to prevent lesions from recurring. With this in mind, consider brands that offer enough vitamins for at least a month’s supply depending upon your needs.


A lysine vitamin may be taken in several different forms, which include capsules, tablets, liquid or creams that are applied topically. Decide which form you are interested in taking and narrow your choices accordingly. Before doing so, however, consider what you will be using lysine for and whether the form you prefer is likely to be the most effective for your needs. If you are unsure about which one to select, consult with your doctor or ask someone who has used lysine in the past for opinions on which form is the most effective.

After selecting a few brands according to the dosage you need, as well as the form you prefer taking, narrow your lysine vitamin choices even further by investigating the effectiveness of each vitamin brand. This can be done via online research by visiting government websites that offer consumer information, as well as discussion forums where health topics are discussed. When investigating online, be sure the sites you visit are not sponsored by lysine vitamin manufacturers and that the feedback being offered is completely unbiased. If possible, ask questions about a brand’s effectiveness, as well as any known side-effects and be on the lookout for any valid complaints about particular brands you may be considering.

Finally, select the lysine vitamin that offers the most effective results with the fewest side effects in the form you prefer for the best price. When considering price, also consider how many vitamins you will need to take each day and how many are offered in a single purchase. Select the brand that makes the best financial sense to your budget while addressing your specific health needs.


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Post 3

I took a lysine and vitamin C combined supplement this winter to avoid getting the flu. It worked great! I read a lot of reviews before I decided on this product though. I think some lysine supplements (especially the tablets) are very large and difficult to swallow so watch out for that. Reviews are great for this reason. I almost bought a different lysine supplement but decided not to when one reviewer said that the pills are large enough for a horse!

Post 2

@donasmrs-- Although I'm not 100% positive, I think all lysine is natural. I've never come across a lysine product that specified this. It might be a good idea to call or email a lysine supplement manufacturer to confirm.

When I buy lysine, I just make sure it's pharmaceutical grade and from a brand I trust. Of course, you should always check the ingredients list and expiration date. If you are vegan or vegetarian, make sure the product is labeled as vegan or vegetarian. It might be a good idea to buy your lysine supplement from an organic health food store if you have concerns about this. All of the supplements at my organic store are all-natural.

Post 1

I know that some type of vitamins may be natural or synthetic. For example, vitamin E may be natural, from food sources or synthetic, made in the lab. Is this an issue for lysine supplements? Do I need to specifically look for natural lysine?

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