How Do I Choose the Best Lowlights for Brunettes?

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Lowlights for any hair color should complement a person's natural hair color rather than matching it or clashing with it. Some of the best lowlights for brunettes include golds, blacks and brown shades tinted with reds, but as a general rule, the brunette should choose a color that stays within several shades of the hair's natural hue. A brunette also should choose a lowlight shade that effectively complements his or her skin tone. Some brunettes prefer to consider the season when choosing lowlight color as well.

When choosing the best lowlights for brunettes, first consider the individual brunette's existing hair color. Stay away from lowlight colors that stray three or four shades past the hair's natural color. Highlights brighten the overall tone of hair, but lowlights are meant to add depth and dimension to that tone. As a result, most lowlights go several shades darker than the pre-existing shade of brown. These shades should stick to the brown palette but might branch into browns tinted with golds, reds and even black.


For example, someone who has light brown hair might consider a light to medium shade of brown that incorporates golden tones, such as ash, bronze, caramel or toffee. Someone who has medium brown hair should consider darker shades of brown, such as espresso or chocolate, or muted shades of red-tinted brown, such as mahogany or cinnamon. Popular lowlights for brunettes who have a dark brown base color include the darkest shades of brown, soft black and dark mahogany.

A person's skin tone also must factor into the process for deciding on the best lowlights for brunettes. People who have pale pink undertones generally look good with any variation of brown lowlight, including those tinted golden or red. Brunettes who have too much red in their skin, however, should stay away from tones that contain too much red. Likewise, brunettes who have yellow undertones in their skin should avoid gold-tinted shades and stick mostly with pure brown or red-brown shades for their lowlights.

The specific season of the year also influences many stylists or self-dyers when deciding on lowlights for brunettes. Lowlights are meant to give hair a deeper, richer appearance, so most people prefer to use them during the fall and winter months. Some individuals might still choose lowlights over highlights during the summer, but different shades appear more stylish or in fashion during the summer than during the winter, and this can influence a brunette's decision. Lighter hues that only slightly warm up the hair's appearance work best in spring and summer. Richer hues that deepen or intensify hair color work best in autumn and winter.


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