How Do I Choose the Best Low Calorie Cocktails?

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Choosing the best low calorie cocktails can be a bit challenging, but there are a few tips that can help reduce caloric intake while indulging in a great-tasting alcoholic beverage from time to time. One of the best tips is to avoid cocktails that contain only alcohol and fruit juice, as many fruit juices are loaded with calories. Another great tip for making low calorie cocktails is to use diet soda instead of the regular high calorie sodas normally used in many cocktails. Instead of using a lot of high calorie syrups for flavoring, many types of alcohol have flavored versions that can be used to make low calorie cocktails.

Fruit juices are relatively high in calories and are frequently used when preparing alcoholic beverages. Limiting the amount of fruit juice in these drinks can be a good way to prepare low calorie cocktails. Some manufacturers distribute lower-calorie juices that may be used to cut some of the caloric content of the cocktails.

Sweetened syrups are often used to add a sweet flavor to alcoholic drinks, and these tend to be loaded with sugar and calories. Ideally, the syrup can be avoided completely, but some drinks are not the same without some type of sweetened flavoring added. For those who still desire the sweet flavor of the drinks, a homemade syrup can be prepared using an artificial sweetener.


Sweet alcoholic drinks known as liqueurs are commonly used when mixing cocktails, adding a lot of sugar and calories to the beverage. Although the taste may not be exactly the same, there are some alternatives to using these ingredients when making low calorie cocktails. Low calorie extracts such as orange or peppermint are good substitutes. To compensate for the sweetness of the liqueur, artificial sweeteners can be used, adding enough water to give the desired consistency. Another option is to use sugar-free flavored syrups, which are available in most grocery stores or coffee shops.

Some low calorie cocktails can be made by substituting diet soda for the regular versions. The taste may be slightly different, although many people have reported only very subtle differences in the flavor when using diet soda. The primary deciding factor on choosing the best low calorie cocktails are individual taste preferences. There are lower calorie options for most types of alcoholic beverages, although it may sometimes take a little experimentation to find suitable alternatives that meet the expectations of the individual.


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