How Do I Choose the Best Lotion Bottle?

Mark Wollacott

Choosing the best lotion bottle means finding a bottle for your lotion that is clean, functional and cost-efficient. There are several reasons for wanting to buy a bottle for your lotion and they include packaging for a new product, a small travel bottle for a vacation and a container for a lotion refill pack. Whatever the reason, you want the bottle or bottles to hold the lotion without contaminating it or letting it leak out. The container should be durable and secure.

A bottle of lotion.
A bottle of lotion.

First, think about your reason for wanting to choose the best lotion bottle. By knowing exactly why you need something and what you need, you will automatically begin narrowing down the options. It is also important for you to consider how many bottles you need.

Small travel lotion bottles are handy when a person goes on vacation.
Small travel lotion bottles are handy when a person goes on vacation.

Many travel stores and pharmacies/chemists will have small lotion bottles suitable for travel. These bottles tend to be see-through with a screw cap on top. They are lightweight and suitable for short trips. These bottles will carry enough lotion for a week if used sparingly. Compare the sizes and prices of these bottles and choose the best one for you.

If you need a refill bottle or the travel bottles are too small for you, then consider looking for a larger bottle. These can be found in some shops or online as multipurpose bottles for sun cream lotions, shampoos, shower gels and other lotions. These bottles vary in price, but will be secure and well-made.

As an alternative to buying a bottle, you can use an old lotion bottle. The biggest problem with these lotion bottles is that they have been used for a different product. If you wish to re-purpose the bottle, then you will need to wash the insides out thoroughly. The main advantage of reusing an old bottle is that it costs you nothing extra.

Choosing a lotion bottle to package your own product is a more complicated business. First, you will need to find a bottle that fits the purpose. Think about how you want the product to be delivered. For example, does it need to be squeezed out like sun cream or poured out like bath oil?

The lotion bottle you require will likely have to be plain and free of branding. It will also have to be cost-effective so your product does not have to become too expensive. Ask various companies, both local and online, for quotes and samples so you can test their ability to hold your product, how they look aesthetically and what their cost would be per bottle. From this information, you can make an informed decision.

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When I find a lotion that comes in a nice bottle, I always save the bottle to reuse it. Then, when I buy lotion in bottles that I don't like, I pour them into my favorite lotion bottle that I saved just for this purpose.


If you are looking for lotion bottles for packing for taking a trip, you will want to make sure that the lids screw on tightly and securely. Quite often, these types of bottles may come open in luggage from the motion of being moved around from place to place. The best lotion bottles for traveling will have lids that screw tightly into place.

One way that you can check the security of travel lotion bottles is to hold them upside down and shake them to see if any lotion comes out. If it doesn't, your lotion bottle should be safe for traveling without risk of spilling lotion onto the other items in your suitcase.

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