How Do I Choose the Best Loratadine Tablets?

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When choosing loratadine tablets to treat hay fever and allergy symptoms there are several important considerations that must be made, including the type of tablet you prefer, the manufacturer's reputation, and the cost of the treatment. This medication has proven to be very effective in reducing the unpleasant symptoms associated with seasonal allergies, such as watery eyes, sneezing, and hives. Thousands of people need relief from allergies and hay fever, especially during the spring and fall months. This medicine is believed to be effective for most allergy sufferers although it typically does not relieve all of the symptoms entirely, but does allows the person to enjoy a more comfortable state. Like any over-the-counter medications or treatment, it is advised to speak to a doctor before beginning treatment.

Almost every loratadine tablets product on the market is available in 10 mg dosages to be taken once a day, but there are two types of tablets to choose from. The first is a traditional medication tablet to be taken orally and swallowed whole with water or some kind of beverage. This option is typically the most popular. The other loratadine tablets are designed to dissolve on the tongue and are ideal for busy people or those who have a hard time swallowing pills and tablets. There is no difference in the effectiveness of the product in either form.


As with any product you plan to ingest, the manufacturer of the product is very important. For safety and effectiveness, it is crucial to choose a company with a good reputation for providing the public with well-made and safe products. You can choose to examine the manufacturers of loratadine tablets through various consumer awareness organizations online or in print. An ingredient list and manufacturing practices are typically available for public review. Your doctor or pharmacist should be able to provide accurate information and make suggestions as well.

Patients spend millions of dollars every year in an attempt to control their hay fever and allergy symptoms. Most medical experts recommend purchasing loratadine tablets over-the-counter to save money because the prescription versions are rarely more effective. If your health insurance has a prescription drug plan, it may be cheaper to get a prescription from a doctor for these medications than buy brand name over-the-counter tablets. There is little difference between name brand and generic loratadine, and both are considered to be safe and effective for allergy and hay fever treatment.


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