How Do I Choose the Best Long Layered Haircut?

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Choosing the best long layered haircut can be achieved by matching the hairstyle to the individual's features, face shape, age and the amount of time/money he or she wants to spend maintaining his or her hairstyle. These haircuts are easily altered to meet each individual's needs. This is one of the main reasons why long layered haircuts have remained popular from the 1970s through the 2010s.

The best haircuts are structured to make the most of the wearer's features. Layers cut into the long layered haircut can be arranged to frame the wearer's best features. If the wearer is particularly proud of his or her eyes, shag bangs can be cut into the style. If the individual has an alluring mouth, more layers can be added that draw the viewer's eyes to his or her lips.

Human faces that exhibit a high level of symmetry are generally interpreted as more attractive than faces that are asymmetrical. Most people's faces exhibit at least some level of asymmetry. The best of these haircuts those that make the wearer's face appear to be more oval, or symmetrical, in shape. Individuals that have longer faces should choose a style with shorter layers around the face and might consider adding bangs or a fringe. An individual with a round face should lengthen its appearance by arranging straight hair next to his or her face with shorter layers cut into the ends or back of the hairstyle.


Age-related changes to hair thickness and texture can affect which haircut is the best for a given wearer. In men, and to a lesser extent in women, aging causes thinning and/or loss of hair. Gray or white hair often has a courser texture than the person's hair did in earlier years. Individuals who have thinning hair should choose a shorter, shoulder-length style over extreme lengths. Coarse hair might require different styling techniques that make one long layered haircut more practical than another.

Everyone has a unique, personal style. Usually this style is dictated by jobs, social groups and socioeconomic status. An individual who wants to find the best layered haircut should look for pictures of celebrities or other fashion-forward individuals who share a similar conception of personal style. Stylists can alter the example hairstyle to match the wearer's unique facial features.

Some haircuts simply require more upkeep than others. The longer the long layered haircut is, the more maintenance will be required to keep it looking fresh and healthy. Razoring or thinning techniques commonly used to create the layers in these haircuts will often create split ends that require regular trimming. For individuals who have wavy or curly hair, straight long layered haircuts demand daily styling with a flat iron.


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