How do I Choose the Best Loft Staircases?

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Choosing one type of staircase from all the loft staircases on the market is not as hard as it might look. Loft staircases serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose, and these two elements must be kept in mind at all times. To begin looking for the perfect staircase, the first step is to check building regulations.

While popular, it is rare that a fixed ladder will work as a loft staircase, though this is possible in some areas of the world. Those who like the look of a fixed ladder should check on specific building codes prior to purchasing one. Aside from a fixed ladder, there are a couple of loft staircases to choose from.

A traditional staircase is often a good option for a loft. This type of staircase is relatively straightforward without any complex turns or twists. The advantage to installing a traditional staircase is safety. Since traditional staircases are both wide and straight, they are ideal for lots of loft traffic.

Another option is a spiral staircase. Spiral staircases are aesthetically appealing, though they may have to be customized to fit a unique loft space. Depending upon building codes, some spiral staircases may have to include hand rails. Cost-wise, a spiral staircase is often more expensive than a traditional staircase.


Traditional staircases can be purchased in once piece, while spiral staircases usually require the installation skills of a contractor. For practical reasons, most homeowners decide upon traditional staircases, since spiral stairs can be hard to use. Once stairs have been selected for a loft space, the area underneath a staircase should also be considered.

A great way to utilize the empty space underneath a staircase is to create a small reading, studying, or storage area. Since loft staircases are often placed in the middle of a room, leaving the space underneath a staircase empty would be a waste. In fact, one of the best things about a new loft space is that it allows for different kinds of room expansion.

The type of staircase that leads up to a loft should be sturdy, aesthetically appealing, and easy to use. Customized stairs are always a great way to add detail and personality to a space, though pre-made stairs are cost-effective and efficient. Either way, the most important thing to remember before looking at loft staircases is to be sure that your stairs will live up to building codes. Otherwise, you may have to take down your new stairs and start all over again.


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