How Do I Choose the Best Loft Bedroom Ideas?

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Lofts are often great places for bedrooms, but only if you plan the space carefully to maximize the amount of available room for use. The best loft bedroom ideas will be customized to your loft space, so the first step you should take is measuring the space carefully. This will give you an idea of how usable the room will be as a bedroom and what types of furniture you will be able to fit there. Next, you should consider who the room is for; loft bedroom ideas for kids will be drastically different than ideas for adult rooms.

A loft bed in a is usually feasible for children, but it may not be exceptionally comfortable for an adult. A loft bed is one that is raised off the ground high enough that a desk, couch, or storage bins can be placed underneath. The user generally needs to climb a ladder in order to get into the bed. As far as loft bedroom ideas go, this is a practicaloption if the user will be able to climb a ladder frequently, and if the ceiling of the loft is high enough to accommodate such a bed.


Built-in shelves and cabinets are great loft bedroom ideas if space will allow. Such cabinets and drawers will be built directly into the walls, thereby taking up less floor space within the already small loft. Drawers can also be built into a bed frame to add even more storage to a piece of furniture that would be taking up space in the room anyway. Such drawers are useful for storing clothing and other items accessed frequently. Cabinets and drawers can be built in such a way that they work well even with the slopes of a ceiling, since most lofts are directly beneath a sloped roof.

Other loft bedroom ideas include analyzing the space for available light. This may mean installing skylights or even a dormer window, though the latter can be a costly and complicated project. Skylights are generally less expensive and less intensive to install, and they capitalize on the natural sunlight that will hit the roof of the home throughout the day. If such modifications are not possible or feasible within a budget, track lighting may be a good option. This type of lighting features several small lights mounted to a rail or track; such lighting does not take up a lot of space, but can throw off a significant amount of even light.


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