How do I Choose the Best Lizard Cage?

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There are several species of lizards that are popular as pets, including the bearded dragon, gecko, anole and skink, as examples. The species of lizard you have or are planning to get is the most important factor when choosing the best lizard cage for your pet. Every type of lizard has its own particular characteristics that will affect the kind of cage it needs. Some are climbers, and some are ground dwellers; some lizards like to run, and others are more stationary. Consider the special characteristics of your lizard species when selecting the best lizard cage.

A climbing species of lizard will require a taller cage, and a species that runs or burrows underground might require a cage that is longer but not as tall. Some species, such as the bearded dragon, for example, like to climb and run. For beardies, a cage that is high enough to accommodate a branch or perch and long enough to accommodate running is necessary.

The overall size of the lizard cage is very important and should be based on the adult size of the lizard. Selecting the largest cage you can reasonably accommodate is a good idea, because you really can't go too big. You can go too small, however. To find out the minimum size required for your particular lizard species, consult a book about the species, look for care sheets at pet supply stores, or speak with a pet store employee.


There are a few materials and types of cages that you can use for your lizard. Many people use glass fish aquariums with tightly fitting wire mesh tops — to prevent escapes and promote air circulation — in place of aquarium tops. Wire mesh tops for various sizes of aquariums can be purchased at pet supply stores. Specially made reptile and lizard terrariums can be purchased at pet supply stores and often come in kits with all of the items you'll need to set up your terrarium.

Wire mesh cages are another choice. You can make your own by stretching the mesh around a wood frame, you can have one custom made, or you can purchase one at some specialty reptile stores. Some species, such as the anole — also known as a chameleon — require a wire mesh cage in order to get adequate ventilation.

Another thing to take into consideration when selecting the best lizard cage is how much humidity your lizard species requires. A glass terrarium will hold humidity better than a wire mesh cage. How easy the cage is to clean is another thing to consider.


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