How do I Choose the Best Liquid Calcium Magnesium?

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A calcium dietary supplement containing magnesium and certain other vitamins and minerals improves its effectiveness. With the variety of liquid calcium magnesium supplements available on the market, choosing the best one for can be confusing. Making a final selection based on the absorption rate, the inclusion of additives, artificial flavors and colors, and the type of calcium in the supplement is a wise choice.

Calcium plays a critical role in many of the body's most important functions. In addition to supporting the health of the skeletal system, the body uses calcium for many things. Promoting normal weight levels and enzyme function, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, and even helping with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms are a few of the benefits of calcium.

A high-quality mineral supplement will contain twice as much magnesium as calcium. This 2-to-1 ratio is commonly suggested to maximize absorption of both nutrients. Magnesium deficiency is common in the typical Western diet. Signs of magnesium deficiency include weak muscles, migraine headaches, grouchiness, insomnia, and in children can cause hyperactivity. Magnesium benefits primarily the bones and teeth, but also is important for the heart and other organs. Buying a combination vitamin supplement containing vitamin B2, manganese, vitamin D3, and boron ensures the body can make the most of the calcium and magnesium in a supplement.


Liquid calcium magnesium is more easily absorbed than tablet or capsule calcium supplements. Even among the liquid dietary supplements available, however, the absorption rate varies. Calcium carbonate is an easily absorbed form of calcium. A quality supplement will also be isotonic-capable, which means it requires no digestion and quickly passes through the stomach and ultimately into the bloodstream.

An isotonic-capable supplement contains a variety of secondary ingredients that mixed together match the weight of the body's own fluids. After it is swallowed, this type of supplement loses little of the nutrients it contains. Ultimately, an isotonic-capable supplement is also a cost effective choice, because the body can utilize the maximum amount of liquid calcium magnesium from each dose.

Artificial flavorings, sweeteners, or colors in a liquid calcium magnesium supplement take longer to digest because they are ingredients that the body can't use. The body uses energy and requires time to break down and separate the usable and non-usable ingredients. The more time it takes the body to begin using what it digests, the less effective the supplement becomes. If the body takes too long to digest a liquid calcium magnesium supplement, then it will simply pass the undigested supplement through the system as a waste product.


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Post 3

My six year old uses a liquid calcium magnesium supplement. She doesn't drink milk so this is the best option for her to get the minerals she needs.

I would like to warn parents however that there are a lot of fake supplements (even children's supplements) online. So please buy from a reputable store or pharmacy. I bought one online for the lower cost and was shocked to discover a different product in the bottle!

Post 2

@literally45-- That's a great question. I have a liquid calcium magnesium supplement. It tastes great and is easy to take, but unfortunately, it doesn't have the best kind of calcium and magnesium. The magnesium is magnesium oxide which is the magnesium that is most difficult for the body to absorb. As you said chelated magnesium is good and I believe that is 'magnesium glycinate.

So definitely check the label or product information to find out what kind of magnesium is used. It's true that magnesium absorbs better in liquid form and when it's combined with calcium. And there are plenty of people who seem to be happy with this option. I personally won't buy one with magnesium oxide again. It's kind of a waste of money to buy something my body won't absorb.

Post 1

I've read that chelated magnesium is more easily absorbed than other types. And my doctor also suggested that I get a magnesium supplement combined with calcium as calcium helps the body absorb magnesium better. It makes sense for me to get a liquid supplement because I have trouble swallowing the horse pills that some calcium magnesium tablets are. But the trouble is, can I possibly find all of these qualities in one liquid supplement? Can chelated magnesium be in liquid form?

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