How do I Choose the Best Lipstick Holder?

S. Gonzales

Lipstick holders are great for keeping your lipstick tubes protected and organized. With all of the choices on the market, you're sure to find a holder that is perfect for your personal needs. When shopping for lipstick holders, you'll have to choose from among portable lipstick holders, holders that can hold several rows of lipsticks and lipstick holders that also can help you organize your other makeup.

A woman applies lipstick.
A woman applies lipstick.

Portable lipstick holders are popular among women who want to carry their lipstick with style. These lipstick holders can be best described as having a cylindrical shape, with just enough room to contain a tube of lipstick. The encasing is sturdy so that the lipstick tube is not damaged during transport or handling.

Some lipstick holders include space for other types of makeup.
Some lipstick holders include space for other types of makeup.

A lipstick holder like this can come in a variety of materials, including metal and fabric. Metal lipstick holders can be decorated with engravings or jewels, and a fabric lipstick holder can be wrapped in domestic quilted fabric or even exotic silk. It's not uncommon to find a lipstick holder with a mirror in its interior. Holders with mirrors will allow you to apply lipstick without having to reach for a separate mirror, such as one contained within a compact. Portable lipstick holders can also close with a clasp, keeping the lipstick safe from accidental loss or misplacement.

An all-in-one lipstick holder is also capable of holding other makeup products, such as foundations and mascaras.
An all-in-one lipstick holder is also capable of holding other makeup products, such as foundations and mascaras.

If you own many lipstick tubes, bigger lipstick holders might be in order. A lipstick holder of this type can be manufactured to house multiple tubes of lipsticks at once. They usually are made so that the lipstick tubes can be placed in an upright position for easy access. The tubes can be lined up in an orderly fashion so you can easily see what shade of lipstick you are reaching for. Containers like these are usually made out of plastic, though they also can be made from wood such as bamboo.

If you want more organizational choices, you might opt to buy a lipstick holder that can also house other types of makeup. These all-in-one lipstick holders can have rows designed to hold all your lipstick tubes and a separate area to place your makeup brushes, foundations, eyeshadows, compacts, mascaras and other makeup products. Lipstick holders like these function as the ultimate makeup organizational companion, because they can keep all of your makeup supplies in one place.

The type of lipstick holder that you buy will largely depend on your needs and personal preferences. Rest assured that there is a lipstick holder that can meet your specifications. Shop around to find the best holder for you.

Some lipstick holders can accommodate several tubes of lip color.
Some lipstick holders can accommodate several tubes of lip color.

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Why can't I find an inexpensive lipstick case at a supermarket? Mine broke and I don't go to malls often and didn't think it was worth shipping online for such a small item. It would be so nice if I could just pick up a lipstick case with my groceries?


All home lipstick and makeup cases work equally well in my opinion. The material doesn't really matter, but I suggest you get a sturdy one. I had a plastic one that was pretty thin and flimsy. I dropped it once and it broke. You definitely don't want one like that.

The most important thing I would pay attention to is getting a holder that's large enough. Lots of people get the holders for six or nine lipsticks. But soon enough, they have far too many lipsticks and the holder is not enough.

A lipstick case is not something you want to buy often because they're not that cheap. So get a big one that you can use for a long time!


@turquoise-- I use one regularly!

I don't apply a full face of makeup outside of my home though. The only makeup item I carry around is my lipstick. I've had so many lipsticks break and get damaged from keeping them in my purse constantly. Since I've gotten my fabric lipstick holder, my lipsticks have been fine.

And the fabric ones are not heavy at all! It's made of thick cardboard inside and fabric outside. So it keeps the lipstick safe but is super light.

I guess it's not for everyone but I recommend it for people who re-apply lipstick throughout the day. The mirror in the holder is so efficient too. You don't need to carry a separate mirror with you.


Do people still use a portable lipstick holder? I've seen them at some stores but I've never actually seen anyone use one.

I'm sure it looks pretty but I don't think I would want to add any more weight to my handbag which already has too much stuff. It would also be one more step in my makeup routine, because I have to get the lipstick out of its case. I usually do my makeup on the run and have to do it fast so I don't want anything that would slow me down.

I do have a plastic lipstick case at home that I got from a cosmetic wholesaler on sale. It holds nine lipsticks. I put the lipsticks upside down so that I can see the brand and shade name or number. It makes life so much easier. I don't have to dig through my huge makeup bag for lipsticks anymore.

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