How do I Choose the Best Linen Curtains?

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It is important to consider the pros and cons of linen curtains before making a selection. Linen curtains can be quite tasteful and attractive, creating a rich, expensive look, even though many sizes, styles, and colors can be purchased for reasonable prices. Linen is made from natural fibers, which also makes it a popular choice of material for curtains, and it holds up very well.

All natural linen is environmentally friendly. Making linen does not use as many resources or leave behind as many harmful byproducts as many other fabrics. All-natural or organic linen comes in its natural color so you won’t have concerns about chemicals, such as dyes or bleach.

While linen curtains are lovely, they do tend to require a good deal of care, especially the more formal styles. This includes frequent cleaning and pressing, to keep their crisp appearance. While the same may be true of other types of curtains as well, linen will always need ironing after cleaning to look its best.

It is a good idea to follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s care label precisely for best results. While pressing linen can be a chore, it is a little easier and less time-consuming if you use a bit of steam. You may also want to press linen curtains from the underside or place a towel over the curtains while ironing to protect the color and finish.


Some may prefer the gauzy, crinkly style of linen, which fits nicely in less formal decorating schemes. While these airy linen curtains will need frequent cleaning, or at least dust removal, ironing can often be avoided. A quick touch-up may be necessary but they don’t have to be pressed to perfection.

Lightweight linen curtains can allow light and air to pass through while still protecting privacy. For colder climates, or if you prefer less light but still want the luxury of linen curtains, you can choose a style that is lined. A cotton lining can add warmth while a special lining can be added to help block out light. There are pre-made as well as custom options.

When it comes to hanging linen curtains, there should not be many problems. Well-pressed linen will usually lie nicely, but you can add small weights to make linen curtains hang just the way you like. Weights are available from many places where curtains are purchased, as well as in hardware stores and other shops.


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Post 3

I have gorgeous sheer linen curtains in the living room and they are my favorite of all my curtains and drapes. the problem is that my son accidentally spilt a bit of grape juice on the curtain and the spot isn't coming out.

Is there any way to get a stain out of linen without using bleach?

I am really worried that I may have to do some surgery on my curtains and fit them to a small window as the stain is quite noticeable. While that isn't ideal at least I wouldn't have to throw them out. I am hoping it doesn't come to that though.

Post 2

@Sara007 - In many ways taking care of something like white linen curtains is just like washing regular curtains. You clean them as often as you feel you need to and follow any manufacturer's instructions that may be included when you purchase your linens. As linen comes in different weights you need to make sure you pay attention to any directions. In general though you need to avoid using bleach on linen curtains and drapes. When washing them do the linen in a load by themselves and hang them to dry. Iron your fabric while it is still damp to protect the fabric.

Post 1

I have been looking at all sorts of window curtains for my home as we are going through a period of home renovation. I really love the look of linen curtain panels but am worried that keeping them looking their best is going to be a lot more work than I am willing to put in. How often should I expect that I will need to clean my linen curtains and iron them?

Right now I wash my curtains once a month and it keeps them nice and fresh. I don't smoke so I feel like the linen curtain fabric wouldn't be damaged too easily in my home.

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