How do I Choose the Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner?

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The best lightweight vacuum cleaner is one that is powerful enough to do daily cleaning, but is easy to handle. You may want to consider a handheld vacuum or a backpack vacuum. There are also vacuums that are cordless or have a long enough cord to reach across the room. Some vacuums will clean hard floors as well. A lightweight vacuum cleaner should be easy to tote around and store when not in use.

When choosing a lightweight vacuum cleaner, you want one that has the power of a traditional vacuum. The suction on the vacuum should be good enough to pick up dirt, dust, and hair after running the machine one time. It is important that you test the vacuum out at the store to be sure it's not lacking in suction power.

A backpack vacuum is a good choice for a lightweight vacuum cleaner. The canister of the vacuum is worn on the back while you use the hose and other attachments to clean. This gets the canister out of your way for easy cleaning. For smaller jobs, a lightweight handheld vacuum may do. Handheld vacuums are good for cleaning stairs, furniture, or auto interiors.


A cordless vacuum can also be lightweight and runs off of a battery that needs to be charged when not in use. Cordless vacuums typically work well because you never have to worry about finding an outlet or tripping over the cord. If you do buy a lightweight vacuum cleaner with a cord, be sure that it is long so that you can vacuum an entire room without having to change outlets.

It can be helpful to choose a lightweight vacuum cleaner that is versatile. You may want a vacuum that comes with several attachments so that it can clean anywhere. Some vacuums will clean carpets, but can clean hardwood floors or kitchen floors as well. There are also vacuums that will shampoo carpets, which can help your carpets to look new.

A lightweight vacuum cleaner should be easy for you to pick up and move around the house. You may think about your floor plan and if you will need to move the vacuum up and down stairs. It should also be easy for you to store when you do not need it. Many vacuums are skinny and will fit into a closet easily.


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My criteria for weight is whether I'm able to easily lift a vacuum with one hand. If I can, it's lightweight. If it strains my wrist, it isn't.

I've never used a backpack vacuum. I don't think I've even been anywhere that sold them. It never occurred to me that a backpack vacuum might be something that someone would want.

Post 1

A stick vac is the best lightweight vacuum cleaner, in my opinion. The stick vacuum can be used as a handheld vac, a hand vacuum with a long handle, or as a floor vacuum.

My mom is 85 and can use a stick vac with no problems.

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