How do I Choose the Best Lightweight Massage Table?

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A lightweight massage table is ideal for traveling massage therapists, as well as for those who will need to frequently fold or move their massage table. When looking for the best lightweight massage table, both strength and good design will be incredibly important because the table needs to be able to support a decent amount of weight while still remaining portable. Other important factors to consider in a lightweight massage table include cost, long-term stability, and comfort for both the client and the masseuse.

The cost of a lightweight massage table can vary greatly depending on the materials used and whether the massage table is new or used. While cost is an important consideration, it is generally best to try to find the strongest and most durable table within your budget. Weaker or more wobbly portable massage tables are much more likely to break, necessitating more frequent replacement. It is better to invest a larger sum upfront for a longer lasting table, especially if you plan on using your table frequently, than to continue purchasing and replacing cheaper tables. If you’re planning on using the table more sparingly or as a back up for a heavier table, long-term durability might be less important than the price.


It is also possible to save more money on a massage table by purchasing one that has a warranty, which may guarantee the long-term stability of the massage table. Generally, warranties will offer a fully funded or discounted replacement table if the current table gets severely damaged, in addition to covering the cost of service and repairs for minor imperfections in the table. In addition to a warrant, reputable massage table companies will sometimes provide customer service help as well.

Comfort is another important consideration when purchasing a lightweight massage table, as the level of comfort will ultimately determine the massage experience for the client. Decent padding, proper recesses for the face and body, and a wide range of accompanying massage table covers will improve the comfort of the massage for the client. It is also important to consider your own comfort needs as a massage therapist, as you will need to feel strong and stable enough to give a proper massage. Tables that are difficult to carry or adjust as well as those that require you to move or stand at inconvenient angles will create discomfort that will ultimately interfere with your massage practice. Massage therapists should try to test out different types of tables to see which ones will offer the greatest amount of comfort for their particular massage practice.


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