How do I Choose the Best Light Therapy System?

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To choose the best light therapy system, you might want to buy your system directly from a manufacturer. This option may offer you better selection. If you've never used light therapy before, you should research what it entails and the benefits it has to offer. When you are ready to make a purchase, choose a light therapy system that will accommodate your way of living.

In many cases, light therapy is used to treat symptoms of seasonal depression. This may occur during the winter months when less sunlight is available. Many people refer to this condition as the "winter blahs." For some people, this can be an overwhelming feeling of sadness. Physical symptoms such as fatigue and headaches may also occur.

Buying a light therapy system for home use may have benefits for some people suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). There are various options, so knowing what to look for is essential in gaining the most from a light therapy system.

When buying your system, choose a light box that is labeled as full spectrum. It should also be labeled as 10,000 Lux for optimal quality. Only buy your light box from a reputable and experienced manufacturer.


A major decision for you will be whether to choose a portable light therapy system or a desk-top model. You may also choose from a desk or floor lamp model as well. You may prefer the versatility of a table top unit, as you can take this to the office every day. This type of unit is also good for frequent travelers. A floor lamp light therapy system is good for a large room that is designated for your therapy program.

Portable light therapy systems are compact, do not take much storage space, and are good when traveling. These units may be powered by batteries or household current. Some can be powered by a rechargeable battery pack. While they are portable for traveling, they require replacement batteries. If you choose this style, consider the rechargeable battery option, because it will save you money in the long run.

If you choose a desk-lamp therapy light system, choose one that is adjustable. Adjustable height and angling will accommodate your needs best. Durability is important as well, so choose materials such as sturdy metal, rather than plastic.

There are other miscellaneous features to consider. Some light therapy systems have a dawn simulator or wake up light. These lights are generally programmable. Look for one that has a battery back-up system. Finally, be certain your new light therapy system comes with a good warranty.


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