How Do I Choose the Best Leather Specialist?

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Repairing and cleaning leather can be expensive, so try to find a qualified leather specialist who will offer good service at a discount price. If you need leather repair for a damaged piece of furniture, don't assume any leather specialist will offer that service, as some leather specialists may only clean leather clothes. To save money, inquire if a leather specialist offers products for do-it-yourself repair and restoration. Be sure that any chemicals used in the restoration and cleaning process are safe.

Perhaps you want to clean a leather jacket or sofa that has become dirty and dull looking, but are reluctant to spend a lot of money in doing so. Try to locate a specialist that sells cleaning products for all types of leather. You can locate a leather specialist or company by searching through your local phone directory. Check under "leather repair and restoration." Make a few phone calls to various places and ask questions.

You also can search the Internet for a leather specialist who sells restoration products. You may be able to find products for removing tough stains on leather, such as ink or oil. If you purchase any of these leather cleaning products, make sure the chemicals are safe for the leather you own. You wouldn't want to invest in a product only to discover it has damaged your furniture after using it.


For a major job that requires restoration service, check around to obtain the best price. Look for a restoration company that gives in-home estimate, preferably at no charge. If the company charges an estimate fee, look elsewhere. If you have several pieces of furniture that need repair or restoration, inquire about a special discount for large orders.

If you have various leather items that need repair, you need to choose a full-line service. For instance, if the leather interior of your car has been damaged, you might need to find a company that specializes in automobile leather interior repair. Full-line leather repair service should offer everything from furniture restoration to repairs for valuable leather handbags and shoes.

Finally, ask about the process the leather specialist uses in cleaning leather. You will want to choose a company that uses the safest measures possible, not only for the environment, but for the safety of your home and loved ones. Be sure you will not be subject to any airborne contaminates from chemicals used in the leather cleaning process.


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