How Do I Choose the Best Leather Italian Chairs?

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Leather Italian chairs are considered some of the best chairs because of the high quality of their components. Choosing the best Italian leather chairs is primarily a matter of finding chairs that are made of legitimate Italian leather and constructed from the best possible parts. A real Italian leather chair will last for years and possibly decades if properly maintained.

The quality of the leather is the most important factor in choosing the best leather Italian chairs. Real Italian leather is soft, durable, thick, has some imperfections, and will not come in a uniform pattern. Italian leather should have the layer of skin known as the epidermis intact, or what is referred to as top-grain or full-grain leather. On its underside, real Italian leather chairs should look a cow’s hide.

If the pattern on top of the leather seems to repeat or is uniform all around, it might be vinyl. Real leather has a certain smell to it as well, and the best Italian leather smells sweet and fragrant, like the woods. It is also thicker than vinyl. Some imitation leather may still be called as Italian leather, so it is wise to check for the characteristic traits.

Quality leather Italian chairs will be made from a good, solid wood that is dried to avoid rotting or warping. The cushions on the chair should be high-quality foam that feels firm and resilient. Many of the best leather Italian chairs have hand-made springs and hand-sewn leather.


The best way to find a quality leather Italian chair is to shop with a reputable dealer or manufacturer. Many of the companies that produce the best leather Italian chairs have been around for decades and have a solid reputation. They will be clear about how the chair is made, its components, and where it was made. Some manufacturers may label their chairs as Italian style, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually Italian leather or made in Italy. The best chairs are handcrafted in Italy, and cheaper ones may be produced in countries such as China.

It is important not to shy away from asking the important questions. Questioning the seller or manufacturer and making sure that they use the best components and leather for their chairs can be beneficial in the end. Sellers should be able to be specific about what kind of leather it is and how they manufacture the leather and chair. Real Italian leather chairs should last at least 10 years, so make sure the seller offers a warranty or a guarantee of some kind.


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