How Do I Choose the Best Lean Manufacturing Video?

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Professionals who practice lean manufacturing usually believe that the best manufacturing models are those in which the least of amount of materials, time, and energy are wasted and in which there always is room for improvement. As a matter of fact, managers who practice lean manufacturing believe that a system should undergo continual improvement, and they also tend to include the input of their employees so that all workers can feel that their ideas and visions for their companies are taken into account. When performed correctly, lean manufacturing should enable a business to cut cost, increase productivity, and improve the morale of all workers.

To choose the best lean manufacturing video, it is important to consider the video's probably audience. Consider the goals you hope to achieve by showing a video. It also is a good idea to consider who is responsible for a lean manufacturing video, which perspective is taken by the creator of a video, and the overall tone of a video.


Before choosing a lean manufacturing video, it is essential that you consider who might be watching a video and how much they might already know about lean principles. For example, if you are the manager of a company that never has implemented systems based on lean principles before, then you might benefit most from a video that provides a general explanation and history of lean manufacturing. If you instead need to show your employees how lean manufacturing principles can be used in specific departments or processes, on the other hand, you might want to find a video that has a narrower focus and which might also use more technical language.

As when choosing any media for professional development or training, it is important that you consider who is responsible for the material in a lean manufacturing video. For example, if you plan on showing a lean manufacturing video to members of a supply chain management team, it might be best not to choose a video with content written by a business school professor for graduate students. Instead, the best lean manufacturing video might be one with content provided by manufacturing managers speaking from professional experience.

It also is a good idea to consider the overall tone of a lean manufacturing video. While it is important that a video provides viewers with clear, concise information, it also is helpful if a video is interesting and entertaining. This doesn't necessarily mean that a video should be comic, but reenactments and dynamic graphics can help to keep viewers stimulated.


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