How Do I Choose the Best Layered Hairstyles for Thick Hair?

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Ads promoting thick, luxurious hair are all over the Internet, in magazines and on television. A properly cut, layered hairstyle for thick hair can create natural volume and texture for a tailored look, but choosing the best fit can be a difficult process. Also, if the cut isn’t done properly, the hairstyle might look choppy, and only time will bring the layers back to one length. Choosing a layered hairstyle for thick hair is a decision that should be carefully considered because growing out an undesired cut is a long process. The shape of your face, your age, your lifestyle and the amount of maintenance required are some of the factors to consider.

A good starting point is to examine the shape of your face. Some stylists suggest that shoulder-length layered hairstyles for thick hair look good on most shapes; this might be a good first attempt at a layered hairstyle. A longer style might not be appropriate for a longer face, because the style might make the face appear even longer. Round faces can appear longer with fewer layers around the face to reduce the hair's volume. Layers can be cut to frame the face, regardless of shape, but shouldn’t be too short.


Another consideration is your age and gender. Younger women might find long hair very stylish. Older women typically should choose styles that are chest-level or higher. For men, age also can affect which layered hairstyles are appropriate for thick hair.

Lifestyle also affects the choice between possible layered hairstyles for thick hair. For example, to pull back a hairstyle with longer layers, the amount of hair might prove too much for some hair clips or ties, and shorter layers will make ponytails near impossible because the shorter layers will fall out. Some layered hairstyles require little in terms of styling to look good, so this might be a good decision for someone who has very little time. The various needs should be discussed with the stylist so the layers can best evaluated.

The reason that a layered haircut is desired is another aid in the decision-making process. Perhaps a movie star was seen with a cute layered hairstyle or a friend showed off a nice new cut. Pictures can be introduced to the stylist to obtain the stylist’s opinion on whether the cut could work or to help the stylist understand what the customer wants.

Maintenance of the style should be considered, so while discussing what’s wanted with the stylist, how to care for layered hairstyles for thick hair should be part of the conversation. Often, a successful cut can require little in terms of styling, but to keep the ends healthy and looking blended, more frequent visits to the stylist might be required, adding cost and time restraints. If the layers are no longer wanted, growing them out can take as long as waiting for a short cut to grow out, and frequent cuts might be needed to even out the layers.


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