How do I Choose the Best Laxative Suppositories?

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Laxative suppositories are meant to be inserted into a person’s rectum for the purpose of relieving constipation or making moving one's bowel movements less uncomfortable. When you are trying to choose the best laxative suppositories, one of the best ways to do so is by asking your doctor for a recommendation. He may be able to suggest one that is both safe and effective for you to use. Barring that, however, you may do well to choose one that is known for being gentle and quick, without causing unpleasant side effects. Among the types you may consider are lubricant, stimulant, and stool-softening laxative suppositories.

There are many over-the-counter laxative suppositories you may consider when you're looking for relief from constipation. While you may choose one on your own, asking your doctor for recommendations may prove helpful. Your doctor may be able to offer suggestions for products that are likely to relieve your symptoms without being too harsh.


If you are hoping for the most gentle type of laxative suppositories, you may consider lubricant suppositories. These laxatives work by coating the bowel and stools with a slippery substance that makes harder stools easier to push out. While these laxatives are not intended to produce intestinal contractions that help to force stools out, some people find that using them encourages contractions and make a bowel movement more likely. You may choose this type if you want to avoid the sometimes harsh stimulants in some other types of suppositories. In fact, they are often recommended for babies and toddlers because they are so gentle.

You may consider stimulant laxatives the best laxative suppositories if you want fast, effective relief and gentleness is not your primary concern. Typically, stimulant laxative suppositories contain medications that cause intestinal contractions and help to push stools out. This type of suppository may also include a stool softener that helps to make makes passing stools easier and less uncomfortable for the user. While this type of suppository usually provides for swift relief from constipation, it may cause uncomfortable intestinal cramping.

If you feel that you could have a bowel movement without a stimulant but need help doing so without straining, you may consider a stool softening suppository the best option. Essentially, these laxatives work by adding liquid to dry, difficult-to-pass stools. They may not cause contractions that produce a bowel movement, but may help you to have a bowel movement without discomfort.


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Post 6

Oral laxatives definitely help, but I think that with the rectal route it produces the movement much faster than anything.

Post 5

I hate having to use laxatives at all. I never know when they are going to "start working". I am not a fan of laxative suppositories. I am really not a fan of any kind of suppository. I can remember being small and my mother chasing me around the house trying to give me a suppository because I had been sick and had diarrhea. She had to hold me down and, without going into great detail, the suppository met a lot of resistance.

I would definitely try an oral laxative first. If that doesn't work, ask your doctor what the best treatment would be.

Post 4

Secondary to my stubbornness (I am not the best with going to the doctor first - I usually read, come up with a few solutions, then try a few over the counter solutions, and then go to the doctor if that does not help) I tried some over the counter constipation suppositories and it did provide some relief from constipation, but in the end I went with medical advice!

Post 3

In my experience, oral laxatives tend to work better than suppository laxative. I can't say why and I don't know if there is any evidence to back me up but I will say that I have tried them all and oral always works better.

And, luckily, the best oral laxative I've ever found is completely natural. A big glass of prune juice will go a long way towards relieving your constipation. I keep a jug of it in the fridge at all times for just this purpose. My husband drinks a small glass every day just to stay regular. Anyone suffering from constipation should try this natural cure before they try out a chemical laxative.

Post 2

I had a terrible period of constipation a few years back and I turned to laxative suppositories. Unfortunately they did nothing to relieve my condition. I tried every kind, the stimulant and the lubricant kind, but my symptoms persisted.

Finally I went to my doctor and he prescribed me an extra strength oral laxative. It sure did the trick. If you have continued problems with constipation, talk to your doctor about getting something stronger than what is available on the shelves.

Post 1

You can talk to a doctor and you can also talk to a pharmacist. Pharmacists can often give you great advice on even over the counter drugs. They are a great resource that lots of people do not take advantage of.

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